Vietnam Timeline

  • Period: to

    Vietnam History

  • The death of Minh Mang

  • French beagan Attacks

    Outraged at the treatment their missionaries and other Catholics were recieving in Vietnam and keen to open up new trade routes in China, the French began a series of attacks aimed at humiliating the Vietnamese ruler.
  • French Conquer Hanoi

    Tu Duc-the emporer was forced to negotiate a treatey in which Hanoi was declared open to trade, catholics were allowed to worship throughout the empire, the French were allowed free travel throughout the empire and the emperor had to apply to no other power then the French in case of rebellion.
  • French Conquer is Complete

    A large part of Mainland South East Asia including Cochin-China, Annam, Tonkin, Laos and Cambodia was now under the direct control of France.
  • Brief Japanese Rule

    The Japanese launched a coup against their allies (france) and jailed all french officials and officers. But their period of rule was brief as they surrendered to their allies in August 1945.
  • Declaration of Independance

    Ho Chi Minh made the Vietnamese Declaration of Independance infront of hundreds of thousands of people in Hanoi. This declaration stressed the need for Vietnam to have liberty and for its people to be treated equally.
  • End of the French Rule

    The end of the french rule finally came in 1954 when Viet Minh delivered a crushing blow to the French forces at the battle of Dien Bien Phu.