Vietnam Time Line

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • First American combat death

    First American combat death
    In July 8 of 1959 the first American combat death in Vietnam occurs.
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  • Portest Buddhist Style

    Portest Buddhist Style
    In June 16, 1963 A Buddhist monk sacrficed himself (killed himself in protest) in Saigon.
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  • President Diem is assassinated.

    President Diem is assassinated.
    In November 1 of 1963 the South Vietnamese President Diem is assassinated.
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  • Hippies

    In Oct. 21 to Oct. 23 of 1967, 50,000 people demonstrate against the war in Washington, D.C.
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  • Peace Talks

    Peace Talks
    In May 20, 1969 the Paris peace talks begin, so they can slowly put an end to the war.
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  • Ho Chi Minh dies.

    Ho Chi Minh dies.
    In September 3, 1969 the ruler of South Vietnam Ho Chi Minh dies.
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  • Paris cease-fire agreements

    Paris cease-fire agreements
    In January 27 1973 the United States and North Vietnam sign Paris cease-fire agreements. That ended Americas combat role. The draft for theU.S. military ends.
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  • Americans last Day

    Americans last Day
    In April 29 of 1975 the very last Americans evacuated. Also that was the last American combat death for this war.
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