• First us troop to die in vietnam

    First us troop to die in vietnam
    Dewey was the leader in a OSS mission and was shot and killed in his jeep driving to the airport. The vietnamese mistook him for a frenchman.
  • Viet Cong Formed

    Viet Cong Formed
    The Viet Cong was formed to protect the communist side of vietnam and fight for them to make all of vietnam communist.
  • Saigon Bombings

    Saigon Bombings
    The US was helping the city of Saigon when it was attacked by terrorists bombs. 13 us troops were injured in the bombings.
  • Battle of Kienhoa

    Battle of Kienhoa
    The Viet Cong sent 3 sets of infentry in to Kienhoa to take over. They captured the city and killed the chief and his family.
  • Diem Killed

    Diem Killed
    The Viet Cong Captured and killed Diem and his brother and executed both of them to help gain power in vietnam.
  • Operation Rolling thunder

    Operation Rolling thunder
    The US Air Force was giving promission to bomb the communist part of vietnam.
  • B-52s Bomb North Korea

    B-52s Bomb North Korea
    The B-52 bomber dropped its first bombs into communist vietnam.
  • Ford calls war finished

    Ford calls war finished
    Gerald Ford declared the vietnam war finished.