By AvA182
  • French Control of Vietnam

  • Ho chi minh

    thought that communist revolt was the only way to fix vietnam.
  • WWII starts

    Japenese soldiers occupied vietnam. Ho chi Minh created the vietminh who were led by communistic ideals. the purpose was to free the vietnamese from japenese control.
  • The First Indochina War

    Eisenhower developed the domino theory, which you line everything up the way you want to end. So everything falls in to place. US gave french forces arms and money. By 1954 75% french was paid by the US. Ngo Dinh Diem was the last stand of the french 40000 vietminh soldiers surrounded 15000 french soldiers, french later withdrew.
  • Geneva Conference

    17th parallel was the temporary border between north and south, it was a DMZ. The U.S did not support the peace agreement, because the Us did not trust the North's leader.Ngo Dinh Diem was leader of South Korea who was supported by the US.
  • Vietnamese Civil War

    Vietcong were vietnamese communist, goal was to overthrow the souths leader and try to reunify vietnam. In 1955 US got involved and gave financial and military help to the south, sent over 900 US military advisors to train the southern vietnamese army. This group was called the army of the republic of vietnam
  • Attack on USS Maddox

    Resolution enabled president to take necessary measures to repel any armed attack against forces to protect U.S
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    To bomb targets in Vietnam such as army bases and airfields. The Ho chi Minh Trail was a network of paths that began in north vietnam and snaked through laos and cambodia and ended in south vietnam, used to send supplies to soldiers in South Vietnam. Napalm was a jelly form of gasoline, it was used to create fire bombs. Vietcong tactics mass system of underground tunnels built in 1940's and used by vietnam soldiers to store weapons and soldiers. 1968 escalation due to bombing from US to vietnam
  • Pacification

    US forces programmed design to win the hearts and minds of the south vietnamese people. Military was involved in moving people out of their villages.
  • Tet Offensive

    It made the US citizens think they were winning the war.The vietcong and NVA lost 45000 soldiers and the cities they were originally occupied.Westmoreland's 1968 request was for 206000 more soldiers. The democratic national convention was chaos brokeout as people were protesting for the war to end and peace to ensue.
  • Richard Nixon is elected

    Vietnamization was when the US started pulling troops out of South and North Vietnam, and let them to fight for themselves. Silent Majority was people Nixon believed were disprooving of anti war protestors and didnt agree with the government.