Videogame Timeline

  • Fist game ever made

    Fist game ever made
    The first game ever made was called tennis for two. It was made by a physicist William Higinbotham. It was a simple tennis game that two people ca go against each other.
  • Another early game

    Another early game
    The game spacewar! that was released in 1962. It was made by steve russell.
  • Fist arcade

    Fist arcade
    In 1970 Nolan and Ted attempted to create an arcade version of spacewar. So in 1971 they created the first arcade machine of all time.
  • First video game console

    First video game console
    The first game console was called the Magnavox Odyssey. It was released in 1972. It could play games and it connected to your tv.
  • Atari

    The company Atari was created and they created a game console called the ATARI 2600. It was a better game console than the original game console. It would eventually lead to the video game crash.
  • Video game crash

    Video game crash
    The video game crash happened in 1983. When atari were releasing low quality games and people stopped buying any games. So people didnt want to buy any games
  • Nintindo first console

    Nintindo first console
    The first console ever released was called the Nintindo entertainment system. They sold it as a kids toy because no one wanted a video game console at the time.
  • Super mario bros

    Super mario bros
    First mario game was released in 1985. It was very popular when it came out and it was a success. It was one of the earliest nes games.
  • SNES

    The snes was nintindos second home console that they released. They released it in 1990. It was very popular with many great games on it.
  • First 3d game

    First 3d game
    The first 3d game that was released was called wolfenstein 3-d. It was a first person shooter and you shot nazis.
  • The DS

    The DS
    The ds was released in 2004. It was the first console to have two screens and be handheld. It was super popular with many great games with it.
  • Phone vr

    Phone vr
    Then a bit later vr for the phone was created. It was called google cardboard. It was impressive that you could use vr with your phone and some cardboard.
  • Oculus rift

    Oculus rift
    The first popular vr headset that could play games was released. It was pretty expensive but a very cool thing. It shows how far we went and how quick it happened.
  • Switch

    Then the nintindo switch was released in 2017. It was a handheld console that had very good looking graphics. It was a very recent console with alot of games that were released on it.