Game controllers

Video Gaming throughout the years

  • The first known electronic game.

    The first known electronic game.
    Thomas.T.Goldsmith Jr and Estle Ray Mann filed a patent for a cathode ray tube amusement device which uses nobs to "shoot" airplane targets. A printed overlay on the CRT screen helped people see where the playing area was
  • Period: to

    The history of gaming

    Anything with the date Jan 1st is that only the year could be found
  • Tennis for Two

    Tennis for Two
    Tennis for Two used an Oscilloscope and a analog computor to entertain people in New York. This game involved hitting a square "ball" over a "net"
  • Spacewar was created

    Spacewar was created
    Spacewar was created to by MIT students(Steve "Slug" Russell, Martin "Shag" Graetz, Wayne Witaenem, Alan Kotok,Dan Edwards, Peter Samson) test this new computer they owned called the DEC PDP-1.
  • The computor gaming craze starts.

    The computor gaming craze starts.
    This craze had many games people enjoyed and were usually illicit. That was why these are not well known. The computor craze around the first gaming crash
  • First Coin operated game

    First Coin operated game
    The system Galaxy Game was created by people in Stanford. It was based on SpaceWar and was the first coin operated video game system
  • A Successful Failure

    A Successful Failure
    Computer space created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney was the first commercially available coin operated system. Even the it was a failure it showed how people were expanding the gaming revolution
  • Pong

    Bushnell and Dabney thought they were not getting paid enough so they left and created Atari Inc. Which was a large company in gaming. They then made pong which was a worldwide phenomenon.
  • The soon to be the first home console

    The soon to be the first home console
    Ralph Baer and his co-worker Bill Harrison worked on a video game for home called Chase. They then worked at Sanders Industries on the first home console the Magnavox Oddesey
  • The VIDEO GAME CRASH of 1977

    The VIDEO GAME CRASH of 1977
    This was a major crash in video gaming because, too many pong clones were in the market and it got flooded. The only to gaming companies to leave were, Atari and Magnavox
  • Second Gen!!!

    Second Gen!!!
    The beginning of Second Gen introduced the Intellivision, ColecoVision and the Atari 2700 or the VCS(Video Computer System)
  • The Savior of Video Games

    The Savior of Video Games
    The recovery of the gaming industry was due to space wars which was a game created by Taito to shoot aliens. This game was then ported to hundreds of sytems and is now one of the world's most recognizable games.
  • Gaming Golden age

    Gaming Golden age
    This is when the gaming industry grew the the buisness it is now. With simple addicting clones of old games or innovative new games. This lasted untl 1893
  • Activision

    This was a company made by disgruntled Atari workers who realized they were not credited for making their games, so they left and made activision which is the first third-party developer.
  • Handhelds are finally invented

    Handhelds are finally invented
    Milton Bradley creates the first Handheld. Then in 1980 Nintendo creates the Game and Watch.
  • The final Gaming crash so far..

    The final Gaming crash so far..
    In this year many horrible games such as E.T and a Pacman clone. Ruined the market and shut done hundreds of companies including Atari and Magnavox.
  • Third Gen

    Third Gen
    The Nes or Famicon which restarts the gaming industry and is also the first serious system nintendo made starts Third Gen. This gen introduced game pads and ended with the discontinuation of the NES
  • New innovations lead to decreasing amounts of arcades.

    New innovations lead to decreasing amounts of arcades.
    It is because of home consoles growning that arcades are disappearing and it is because video gaming systems caught up in graphics.
  • 4TH Gen 16 bit

    4TH Gen 16 bit
    The Snes or super Nintendo entertainment system and the Sega GEnesis were the leading systems in this gen and introduced teh cd rom. Gen ended with the SNES discontinuation
  • Fifth Gen

    Fifth Gen
    The start of the 32 and 64 aka true 3D graphincs was introduced when the Playstation, Sega Saturn, N64 and re-entering the market Atari Lynx joined the market. It was the introduction of true 3d graphics. With many famous games such as super mario 64 and DDr this was a game changer. There were also many games the made genres famous like Resident Evil and Goldeneye 007. The gen ended with Playstation's end
  • Sixth Gen

    Sixth Gen
    The introduction of the PS2, Gamecube, and the XBOX woud become a major year in gmaing as Sega turned to a third party developer. Nintendo dominated the handheld market even though the PSP was released and Sony dominated the best selling system of all time, the PS2 which is still being sold today.
  • Finally motion controls, multiplayer and 7th GENERATION

    Finally motion controls, multiplayer and 7th GENERATION
    Starts the creation of the Wii, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. This introduced motion gaming and a real online gaming service. Even with Sony's mjor lead it fell behind the Wii with the most sales and the Xbox with the second most sales. This is because it was too costly for consumers. Motion controls were introduced and are now being a main driving force with Wii Motion plus, Playstation Move and the Kinect