Video Gaming History

By 20144zl
  • Naughts and Crosses

    Naughts and Crosses
    This Video Game Timeline begins with the creation by S. Douglas of the first known computer game, called Naughts and Crosses." This tic-tac-toe game was played on a huge computer at Cambridge University.
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    Video Gameing History

  • Tennis for Two

    Tennis for Two
    William Higginbotham, an engineer who helped build the first atomic bomb, became the first American to create an interactive computer game. Called Tennis for Two, it was played on an oscilloscope.
  • Space War

    Space War
    Steven Russell created an interactive computer game called Spacewar. It was played on a mainframe computer and used characters made of ASCII text characters. The computer was as large as a small house.
  • Periscope

    Sega Enterprises released an electronic shooting game called Periscope. This was the first arcade game. Periscope quickly became popular.
  • Computer Space

    Computer Space
    Computer Space became the first ever video arcade game to be released. The public deems it to be too hard to play. It is developed by Nolan Bushnell and was based on Spacewar.
  • Pong

    Atari Released their new game Pong. Pong was a great seller mostly because of the fantastic advertisement at that time. It also could work on any type of TV.
  • Space Invaders

    Space Invaders
    Space Invaders hit the market becoming an instant success. It was originally released in Japan. It was the first game to reveal high scores.
  • Pac Man

    Pac Man
    Pac Man was popular from its original release to the present day. Pac-Man is considered one of the classics of the 80's. Almost every arcade all around the world has a Pac Man machine.
  • Flight Simulater

    Flight Simulater
    Microsoft entered the video game industry with Flight Simulator which became a big seller. It is one of the longest-running, best-known and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs on the market. Microsoft continued to produce newer versions of the flight simulation software, adding features such as new aircraft types and augmented scenery.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut with Sega.
    Nintendo released the Super NES in the United States. One of the most popular new titles was Final Fantasy II
  • Play Sation 2

    Play Sation 2
    Sony introduced the Playstation 2, probably the most popular game system of all time.Sega introduced the SegaNet, the first online gaming site related to a console.
  • Halo 2

    Halo 2
    Halo 2 makes $125 million U.S, one of the biggest commercial entertainment opening days ever. Halo is the second largest video gaming franchise next to Call of Duty. Halo was released on all systems.
  • PSP

    Sony released the PSP, another portable gaming system to compete with the DS.After the release of a slimmer, lighter, remodeled version of the PSP in early September 2007, sales quadrupled in the United Kingdom the following week and increased by nearly 200% in North America for the month of October.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    Xbox 360 is one of the three biggest consoles that are on the market today,along with the wii and Play Staion 3.It is estimated that over 65.8 million have been sold as of 12 January 2012. Xbox released the Kinect on November 4, 2010.
  • Wii

    Nintendo released the Wii, a game console with revolutionary game play that let the player use the controller like a racket, a steering wheel and more. The Wii comes with several sports-related mini games that make this console appeal to a broad spectrum of users.
  • Wii Fit

    Wii Fit
    Nintendo launched Wii Fit, which helped players also get in shape through the use of mini exercise games. Gamers stood on presure senored boards to do exercises throught the console. Wii fit was even used in some nursing homes to encourage the elderly to be active.
  • Play Staion 3

    Play Staion 3
    The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is Sony's seventh generation video game console in the PlayStation series. It is the successor to the PlayStation 2 and will mainly compete against Microsoft's Xbox 360. It has been estimated that over 62 million have been sold as of 31 December 2011[
  • Call of Duty

    Call of Duty
    Call of Duty is released. The first person shooter was based off historic battles of WWII. The franchise of Call of Duty will later become the all time best selling combat franchise.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    The Nintendo DS hits the stores as the newest handheld game system. The DS becomes popular in all age groups. Nintendo's double screen atracted many new customers.