Video games

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  • Creation

    The video games creator is Willy Higinbotham.He created the videogames for entretainment, and it was a succes.
  • First Game machine

    First Game machine
    The first game machine was created by Bill Pits, He had the idea of put machines that works with coins.
  • Evolution

  • Popular game - FIFA

    Popular game - FIFA
    Is a game that so much people play actually, the game is about soccer.
  • Investigations

    Other people who did a similar investigation helping the idea,
    "Effects of video games and virtual reality on values"
    María Isabel Vera Muñoz and Dina Espinosa,
    "Videogames, Behavior and
    personality ”Juan Alberto Estallo Martí.
  • Investigation by an unirvesity

    Investigation by an unirvesity
  • Popular game - Fortnite

    Popular game - Fortnite
    Actually is like one of the most played videogame
  • The OMS

    The OMS
    The OMS says that playing video games is bad when the player loses control over the time he spends and makes it a priority, over other interests and daily activities.