Video games

  • Period: to

    Video game timeline

  • Future Atari

    Nolan Bushnell & ted dabney begin in making an arcade game called computer space which is a copy of space war.
  • Computer Space is popular

    Computer Space is popular
    The new game computer space is the first and most popular arcade game ever and over 1500 games are released.
  • Atari is Found

    Atari is Found
    Busnell and dabney found atari and is the most popular game company ever.
  • PONG

    Atari has created pong and is the hottest selling game ever with 150, 000 units
  • Another game!

    Another game!
    Gunfight is a new and hot selling game which uses microprocessor instead of hardwired solid-state circuits.
  • A console is made

    A console is made
    Coleco releases its first home video-game console called Telstar. Fairfield Camera & Instrument debuts its Video Entertainment System which is known later as Channel F. The first programmable (cartridge-based) home game console, it allowed users to change games by switching cartridges that resembled 8-track audio tapes.
  • Atari's turn

    Atari has created its first cartridge based game which is known as the ATARI 2600. its sold for $250(USD)
  • ATARI and midway have struck once again.

    Atari has made yet another computer game known as Football.
    Midway has created worlds most popular game ever known as SPACE INVADERS.
  • HI SCORES - JIM=260,000

    HI SCORES - JIM=260,000
    asteroids is the first ever arcade game to let players type in a 3 letter name with their hi scores.
  • 2600

    Mattels intelevision game console is found to be the first rival of the ATARI 2600 as it has better graphics but a higher price at $300(USD)
  • 3D hits the spot!

    3D hits the spot!
    the first 3D game ever to be produced known as battlezone 3D in which you are on a virtual battlefield with 3 tanks on your side and 3 on the enemy side and its a fight to the death.
  • ATARI 5200

    New atari console, ATARI 5200
  • TETRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TETRIS is released on PC
  • 7800

    Atari releases the Atari 7800 to stay competitive in the market.

    The hand held game boy is released for $110(USD)
  • Sorry, 18+

    The game board rating system is issued to games with drug usage, violence, nudity and other inapropriate content.

    The sony PLAY STATION is relesed for sale at $300(USD)
  • Tamagotchi must be fun.

    In the US every single 30,000 of the tamgotchi units were sold out in 3 days.
  • GUNS

    SEGA and other companies are banning most lite guns to play popular games such as HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2
  • Play station 2 is released.

    The Play station 2 is now released and is almost sold out by early morning and is extremely difficult to buy one right now
  • the SIMS

    the SIMS
    The SIMS is relesed and is soon to be the most popular game ever.!
  • NDS

    The nintendo double screen (NDS) is now released by nintendo
  • Play STATION portable

    The sony play station portable (AKA PSP) is released and is a huge hit in the US

  • PS3 an wii

    The PS3 (play station 3) and the nintendo wii are released for sale and are quite spectacular and expensive!