Video games

By lmay
  • the very first video game invented

    the very first video game invented
    In 1967 German born engineer Ralph Baer invented the first video game to play on standard television called the Brown Box. The game came witha light gun and over 12 games
  • Magnovax Odysssey

    Magnovax Odysssey
    After the brown box Baer invents the magnovax Odyssey the very first commercial video game console. It still had the same 12 games for it.
  • nintendo

    the Nintendo has got to be everyone's favorite game console.It had to be the best selling game console in America: famous games for the nintendo are Metroid,The Legend of Zelda, Contra, Final Fantasy, Tecmo Super Bowl,RBI Baseball, Megaman, and everyones favorite : SUPER MARIO BROS!
  • nintendo game boy

    nintendo game boy
    in 1989 nintendo invented the Game Boy.The first hand held console; famous game for game boy is Tetris. in 1996 they made the game boy pocket and in 98 they made game boy color
  • Super nintendo

    Super nintendo
    in 1991 nintendo invented the SUPER NINTENDO!!!! super nintendo was the best selling game console after Genisis. famous games are Donkey Kong, Zelda. Metroid, and still everyones favorite SUPER MARIO BROS
  • Playstation

    in 1995 the Playstation was invented. It had to be the 2nd besyt selling video game console in America. Popular agmes fornthe Playstation are Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Tekken, Crash BAndicoot, and Metal Gear Solid.
  • Xbox

    In 2001 Microsoft invented the Xbox.It didn't have much sales since the Playstation2 was selling really well around that time. The most popular game for Xbox is Halo :Combat Evolved
  • game Boy Advanced

    game Boy Advanced
    Nintendo makes another come back with the Game Boy Advanced. Most people used the Game Boy Advanced to play Poke'mon. The GBA Has over 32,000 colors
  • Ninendo Ds

    Ninendo Ds
    The Nintendo DS comes out in 2004. The DS was made to play games with a screen you can touch with a stylus.
  • Wii

    In 2007 the Wii was invented. The Wii is used with a remote that is wireless and you can use your body in it. Famous games: 1. Wii sports
    2. Super paper Mario
    3. Excite
    4. The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    5. Super monkey Ball
  • Xbos 360 Kinect

    Xbos 360 Kinect
    in 2011 a new revelution for video games comes: THE XBOX 360 KINECT. A game that has no controlers just your body you are the controller!!!! The best selling console in video game history.