Video Game Timeline

  • First Pro Gaming LAN event

    in 1972 The Stanford University hosted the very first eSports Tournament. The tournament was called " the Intergalactic Spacewar" they were playing the game Spacewarn there where 24 players at the event
  • Pacman

    Pac-man was released on may 22 1980. The game was a instant success in the arcade industry. the creators (Namco) would later make a new Pac-man called Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures and the Ms. Pac-man
  • First RPG video game

    the first RPG video game is a game called Dragon stomper. Dragon stomper is a game where you can get better gear and weapons to fight dragons the game was release in 1982 for the Atari 2600.
  • The First Mortal Combat Game

    In the 90s video games where gaining popularity and so more games released. For instance Mortal combat one of the most popular games out at the time. The game was release on Aug, 1992 and was a arcade style game
  • the 2000s

    In the early 2000s the PS2 came out and many more different consoles like the GameCube, and the Microsoft Xbox. the consoles had many different games for the consoles.
  • first Pro COD tournament

    in 2007 one of the worlds most popular games "Call Of Duty" hosted a COD 4 MW tournament. After this one event around the world tournaments started becoming more popular and more common.
  • COD Major League Championship

    Later in 2009 Call Of Duty released the announcement that they where hosting the "Major League Championship". In this tourney the top COD teams from the USA would compete to win 8000$ for first place. the winners where the pros Rambo • BigTymeR, Sharp, Dodgers
  • Minecraft

    in 2010 on of the greatest games of our time came out. Minecraft was created by a man named notch who later sod Mojang to Microsoft in 2014, the game was created to do basically whatever you want people eventually were able to get their own capes and create mods for the game. to this day Mc is one of the most popular games and I only see it growing in the future
  • CSGO

    in 2012 one of my personal favorite games CSGO/ "Counter Strike Global Offensive" released, this game blew up and became one of the top esport games in history. CSGO's biggest prize pool was in 2013 at the MLG Major: Columbus 2016 finals and the teams were competing for $1,000,000!
  • Fortnite 0_o

    in 2017 one of the most popular games was released and it was called Fortnite. Fortnite is a 100 player Battle Royal meaning that you drop into the map with no Heals or weapons and you have to loot different parts of the map all while fighting to win. although this game is very hated it takes a lot of skill and practice to become a top pro in this game you have to worry about everything going on around you all while you try to build and fight others