Video game history timeline

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  • golden age: part 1

    golden age: part 1
    By the 70's, video games were introduced into the arcade. multiple titles like space invaders, death race, and barrier were put into arcades. This period, along with the 80's, became known as the golden age of the arcades.
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  • golden age:part 2

    golden age:part 2
    This period is the 2nd era of the golden age of arcades. At this point, more iconic games arrived to arcades, such as pac-man, donkey kong, Galaga ,and more.
  • the crash

    the crash
    In 1983 through 1985, video games experienced a crash. This crash was made by many things. One would be that there were too many bad games on the market and not enough good ones. An example of this would be what most consider the worst video game ever, E.T., with the developers only having six weeks to market, make, and manufacture the game
  • the revival

    the revival
    After the infamous crash, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System(or nes). The console revived interest in video games, by releasing less games and releasing more quality ones on the market
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