Video Game History

Timeline created by solle
  • Brown Box

    In 1967 the first video game console was called the brown box and all it had was tiny dots and squares on the screen
  • PonG

    One of the Earliest video games was called PonG. It was a tennis game that became one of the first most successful video game
  • Gran Trah 10

    It was the first arcade game to be released.
  • Notable

    Notable releases Pac-Man and Command defender Centipede
  • Nintendo

    Releases the Family Computer console
  • Nintendo

    Nintendo Releases the Super Famicon Aka SNES. The best selling console of the era
  • Notable

    Notable releases Mortal combat, Virtual Racing,Kirby's Dream Land, Mario Kart, etc.
  • PS2

    Sony releases the PS2.Best selling console to date.
  • Xbox

    Microsoft released its second console the Xbox 360
  • PS3

    Sony released the PS3