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Video surveillance

  • Creation

    Inventors Thomas Edison and William Dickson create the first movie camera.
  • Minox

    The first miniature camera is produced through the use of a hand-crank.
  • Popular

    Video monitoring becomes popular through George Orwell´s book "1984", which is focused on the idea of "big brothers".
  • VTR

    Invention of the video type recorder.
  • NASA

    NASA uses analog signals to map the moon's surface, sending digital images to Earth.
  • Texas

    Texas instruments patents the first electronic camera which does not require film.
  • Extra information

    Adoption of surveillance cameras expands to businesses due to theft and froud growing in frequency.
  • IP camera

    IP camera
    The first IP camera is released by Axis Communications.
  • Extra information 2

    The attack of the World Trade Centre changes video surveillance from big-brother to individual safety.
  • Development

    Companies such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic develop high performance, megapixel and IP cameras.
  • High resolution

    High resolution
    Very high resolution cameras are introduced.
  • Today

    Video surveillance is everywhere and growing in popularity.