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Victorian Inventions

  • Penny post

    Penny post
    The Penny Post system started on 10th January 1840 whereby normal letters could be sent for one penny anywhere in the UK.
  • Period: to

    Victorain inventions by Lilli and Emily

  • The Metropolitan Police Force

    The Metropolitan Police Force
    Robert Peel who was twice Prime Minister was credited with establishing the Metropolitan Police Force for London. By 1857, all cities in the UK were required to form their own police forces.
    They were some times nicked named the peelers after Robert Peel.
  • The theroy of Evolution

    The theroy of Evolution
    Charles Darwin was an English naturalist famous for his theory of 'natural selection', which means that some species are better able to survive than others. It was published in the book On Origin of Species on 22nd November 1859.
  • Jelly Babies!

    Jelly Babies!
    In 1864, the first jelly babies were manufactured by Herr Steinbeck in Lancashire.
  • Antiseptic (germ-killing) spray

    Antiseptic (germ-killing) spray
    Joseph Lister was a Scottish surgeon who introduced antiseptic (germ-killing) spray in 1871. Listerine mouthwash was named after him in 1879.
  • The penny farthing bike.

    The penny farthing bike.
    James Stanley invented the penny-farthing bicycle in 1872 which had a huge front wheel and was nicknamed 'the boneshaker'.
  • The first Easter Egg ever!

    The first Easter Egg ever!
    In 1873, Fry, Vaughan & Co. produced the first chocolate Easter egg in Bristol.
  • The first practical telephone

    The first practical telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone on 7th March 1876.
  • Single piece, ceramic toilet

    Single piece, ceramic toilet
    Thomas Twyford was a pottery manufacturer who invented the single piece, ceramic toilet in 1885 which was much easier to clean than previous wood or metal models.