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Victorian Inventions

  • velocipede

    The pedal-driven bicycle (known at the time as a 'velocipede') was invented by a Scotsman named Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1838.
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    Victorian invention

  • penny post

    penny post
    The Penny Post system started on 10th January 1840 whereby normal letters could be sent for one penny anywhere in the UK
  • postage stamp

    postage stamp
    . •From the 6th May 1840, post could be prepaid with the first postage stamp, known as the Penny Black
  • co-operative movement

    co-operative movement
    •The first successful co-operative movement was called the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers and was founded in 1844. It sold quality goods at fair prices. Other people could join the Co-op, and at the end of each year profits were either shared out among the members or put back into the business.
  • pneumatic rubber tyre

    pneumatic rubber tyre
    Robert Thomson invented the rubber pneumatic tyre, filled with pressurised gas in 1845. They gave a far more comfortable ride for passengers than solid tyres
  • tarmac

    •London Road in Nottingham became the first road covered with tarmac (tarmacadam) in 1845, instead of cobblestones
  • the flying glider

    the flying glider
    George Cayley built the first glider to be flown by a pilot in 1849
  • olympic games

    olympic games
    •Much Wenlock held its first Olympic Games in October 1850 to promote the physical improvement of the town's people. Many regard this event as being an inspiration for the modern Olympic games