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Valentines Day Timeline

  • The Start of White Day!

    The Start of White Day!
    1978, more than 10 years after Valentines Day had become a part of Japanese life, a group of confectioners got together to promote this new idea, and came up with the name White Day.
  • Different types of chocolates

    Different types of chocolates
    New Valentine's Day customs have recently been practiced in Japan. One is called "gyaku-choco (reverse chocolate)" which means chocolates given by men to women on Valentine's Day. Also, "tomo-choco (friendship chocolate)" is becoming popular among Japanese girls. They give their friends chocolates on Valentine's Day
  • Growth of Valentines Day in Japan

    Growth of Valentines Day in Japan
    With Japan’s rapid post-war economic growth and Americanization many American customs, especially those which induced shopping (e.g. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas) were promoted by certain Japanese companies. In 1960, the Morinaga Chocolate Company began its campaign to promote St Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentines Day in the US

    Valentines Day in the US
    To make a long story short (for this blog posting), mid-February celebrations of LOVE survived the centuries and then really took off in the mid-1800s, with the introduction of the Valentine’s Day card. Later, in the 20th century, besides the exchange of love letters, it became popular for lovers to exchange gifts, especially candies, flowers and chocolates. Valentine’s Day was also deemed an appropriate occasion for a romantic dinner or excursion.
  • the day before!!

    the day before!!
    Women do their last minute chocolate shopping for all the people they are buying for.
  • Valentines Day

    Valentines Day
    Mid-February came to be a celebration of romantic love. The name Valentine was merely taken from the name of a saint martyred on the same date as the old Lupercalia Festival. Certain legends also arose to connect this name with LOVE
  • Roman festival of Lupercalia

    Roman festival of Lupercalia
    A 3-day period of purification and prayer for fertility held in Mid-February has survived in mutated form, in so many places around the world — including Japan where it has taken on it unique characteristics. Although Lupercalia was officially banned in the 5th century.
  • Romantic Places to go in Japan fir Valentines Day

    Romantic Places to go in Japan fir Valentines Day
  • White Day!

    White Day!
    The men who have received their Valentine’s chocolate are expected to give OKAESHI, a gift in return, which most commonly consists of marshmallows, chocolate, cookies, or cakes, and which as SPECIAL gifts to THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL might take the form of flowers or even lingerie.