Utah History

  • Brigham Young

    Brigham Young
    Brigham Young Enters the Salt Lake Valley for the First Time.
  • Wagon Train

    Wagon Train
    Mormons in Southern Utah Massaccer With the Fancher Baker Wagon Train at Mountain Meadows.
  • Railroad

    The Transcontinetal Railroad is completed and the golden spike is laid.
  • Cornerstone

    The Cornerston of the good samaritan was the first religous building built by a religion other than the mormons.
  • Utah State

    Utah state becomes a university
  • Statehood

    Utah became a state.
  • Scofield

    Scofield Mine Explosion kills more than 200 miners.
  • Capitol

    The Utah State Capitol is dedicated
  • Mine Explosion

    Mine Explosion
    Coal Mine Explosion cills 171 people at castle gate utah.
  • Air Force Base

    Hill Field (Which would later become Hill Air Force Base) is officaly named by the War Department.
  • Mormon Church

    The Membership of the mormon church grows to 1 million
  • Monument valley

    Monument valley, straddiling the utah arizon border became the first tribal navajo park.
  • Glen Canyon Dam

    Glen Canyon Dam dedicated which created lake powell
  • Jazz

    Jazz get permission to move to salt lake city
  • Mr. Bailey

    Mr. Bailey is born
  • AC-DC

    Three Young People were crushed to death at an AC-DC concert in Salt Lake City
  • Mine Explosion

    A Fire and a Methan Gas Explosions kills 2 workers and injured 8 others at the willow Creek Mine
  • National Gaurd

    The Utah Army National Gaurd ignites a fire at camp williams killing 30 people
  • plane crash

    A Small Plane Crashed and killed 2 people