US with East Asia

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    Us with East Asia

  • Bill #79

    Washington State passed bill number 79, which put more restrictions on Japanese owning or buying land.
  • Immigration Act

    Asian immigration was limited to 3%.
  • Bill #70

    Japanese residents had to have birth right citizenship to have land.
  • Gong Lum vs. Rice

    Gong Lum vs. Rice; Supreme Court of Mississippi has separate facilitied for Mongolian children.
  • Chinatown Depression

    Unemployment rose to 50% in Chinatown during the Depression.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan launches an attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Yalta Agreement

    This agreement was signed in order to dispose of the Far Eastern question.
  • US attacks Japan

    The US drops two atomic bombs on Japan.
  • NATO Treaty

    NATO formed.
  • Summer Olympics

    Olympic games were held in Tokyo.
  • Honda in the US

    Japan car firm Honda opens its first plant in the US.
  • Peace

    US instituted peace; look over South China's sea disputes.
  • Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton calls for deeper US-China partnership as her first trip as secretary of state.