U.S. in Afghanistan

By dsakai
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    U.S. in Afghanistan

  • Terrorist Attacks on U.S.

    Thousands of Americans killed in terrorist attacks on the U.S. Al Queda says they're responsible three years later.
  • George W. Bush's Demand

    George W. Bush demanded the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden and destroy the bases of al Qaeda
  • Taliban's offer

    The Taliban offered to try Bin Laden in an Afghan court as long a the U.S. provided solid evidence. The U.S. didn’t hand over the evidence.
  • The war in Afghanistan begins

  • Taliban leaves Afghanistan

    November-December the Taliban is forced away from power in Afghanistan
  • U.S. rebuilds Afghanistan

    The United States help Afghanistan to rebuild and establish a democratic government
  • More Troops Deployed to Afghanistan

    President Barack Obama stated that he would deploy 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
  • President Obama to end war

    A partnership agreement was set up by the Afghan President and President Obama to end the war in Aghanistan.