US History II

By vase45
  • Serbia Invasion

    An invasion in Luxemborg and france and then a attack in Germany
  • World War I begins

    The War Began when the worlds power was split into two Different Alliances
  • Battle Of Jutland

    The only battle in World War I that had the largest full scale ships used in battle
  • Battle of the Somme

    Bloodiest battle in the history of the British Army
  • President Calls out War

    President Wilson calls out war when the U.S Congress declares it after a sinking of seven U.S merchant ships
  • Hunger Strike

    Food In Great Britan and The United States wer rationalized except for bread. Work stopped strikes and were frequent because unions expected prices to go up
  • Central Powers Collaspe

    The Central Power Collasped when Blugaria signed an Armistice
  • Battle of Vittorio

    This battle Ended the Italian Fort and it dissolved the Austro -Hungrian Empire
  • Spanish Flu

    The Spanish Flu ( Padamic Flu) breaks out and the soliders were affected and were unable to fight
  • Remembrance Day

    Luteninant Alexis Helmer was killed during the Second Battle of Ypres
  • Ceasefire with Germany Arstice

    Canadian Private George Lawrence Prince was regarded as the last solider to die fro mbeing shot by German Sniper
  • Armistice Day

    The United Stated forced Germany to Cease fire which is known as Armistice Day
  • Treaty Of Versalies

    A Treaty with the Ottoman Empire and Hugry were signed
  • The Jazz Age

    The 1920's were known as the Jazz age because jazz music was popular and was influenced as the dance music in this decade
  • CRT's Invented

    Karl Ferdinand Braun invented the chathode ray tube and oscilloscope. He made it a closed tuned tube that generated in the center of the circuit.
  • KDKA Radio Launches

    KDKA radio begins it very first broadcat because Frank Conrad had a 75 watt Transmitter. Department stores in Pittsburgh sold wireless radios for about $10.00 at that time
  • Unilateral Declaration of Egyptian Independence

    Egypt became it's own country and egypt got it's own independence through the British Empire
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    This was a Federal law where only a limited of immigrants could come into the United States. Most of the Immigrants were East Asians, Asian Indians
  • Inventor of Freezing Food

    Clarence Birdseye invented a way to freeze food and inuit fresh fish or poultry and put it outside in the cold weather and saw it freeze instanly. He then packed and put bunder pressure the cold food and later Had a General seafood business for consumers to buy fresh frozen seafood & Poultry
  • Photograph Records

    Record label companies had introduced a electronic recording process on Photograph Records that was made by Western Electric to produce lifelong sound on Records
  • Scopes Trial

    John T. Scopes was arrested after teaching about theories and it caused many creations
  • Lost Generation

    This was the name given by Gertrude Stein of authors and poets in the 1920's
  • First Movie

    Warner Brothers produced it's first slient fim John Barrymore with a soundtrack from Don Juan used in the Movie
  • Chinese Civil War

    A war broke out in China Because the government party was looking for someone to rule China and its two divisions
  • Sports in the 1920's

    Baseball was a major and popular sport in the United States During the 1920's and Babe Ruth was a famous Baseball Player that hit 60 homeruns in a single baseball game
  • Lights of New York

    This movie along with On with the show later on Produced and Filmed in 1929 featured spoken dialogue and the first film to have sound because Slient films were still in Production
  • Lateran Treaty

    A treaty that was a agreement between Italy and the Holy sea that ended the Roman Question when the treaty was upheld then Vatican City was formed
  • Prohibition in the United States

    The Ratification of the Eighteenth amendament had ratified the Prohibition of the sale of Alchol and was continued throught the 1920's
  • Frozen Foods

    Frozen foods were invented by Clarence Birdseye and the method he used was making the food and then freezing it after it has been preserved and then sold to the public. The public could just thaw it out and put the food in the micowave or oven
  • First Color Film

    Warner Bros released it's first color film Song of the Flame. Some people believe that the film is lost but only the soundtrack is avaliabe at this time on record.
  • Chocolate Chip cookie Invented

    The Chocolate chip cookie was accidently invented when Ruth Wakefield was the owner of the Toll house Inn in Withman Massachutes which was a restaurant that alaways had homemade foods.
  • Scotch 3m tape

    Scotch 3m tape was the tape created by Richard Drews and was the first brand of tape that contained cellophane material like appearance.
  • Vinyl Records introduced

    RCA victor has introduced a new kind of technoly called vinyl records. These can be used to play music and listen to your favorite song
  • Empire State Building

    The Worlds largest 102 story building the Empire State Building was opened before the World trade center in 1972 before September 11 attack on the world trade center.
  • Voting Rights for Women

    The Loans from The Unird States and germany mad an economic effect after World War I and struggled for the Women Voting Suffrage
  • President Election

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected as president and created a widespread called the "New Deal" which led into the Great Depression
  • Swing Music

    Swing music is a form of Jazz music and contains rhythm, bass double and drums involved. This became the Succedor of Jazz music during the Jazz age.
  • Great depression Icon

    Doretha Lange a photographer took a picture of Florence Thompson and her seven children homeless during the Great Depression and this later was used as an icon during this era.
  • Air Mail

    Air mail is a new way for postal service to send mail overseas.
  • Walt Disney's first animated film

    Disney's snow white and the seven dwarfs became the first animated film and its first production film.
  • Of mice and men

    Of Mice and men is a novel written By George Steinback. The story is about two men woking on a ranch during the Great Depression.
  • New London School Explosion

    A school in New London texas exploded because of a gas leak that killed about 295 students and teaches and was one of the worst schools in New London Texas.
  • Golden Gate Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bride opens up in San Franscisco and is the most photographic bride that carries U.S route 101 and California State route 1.
  • First motin picture in Color

    The wizard of oz became the first motin motin picture in color from the oz land and in the beginning of the film was in black and white.
  • Pinocchio

    Walt disney's Pinoccho is the second motion picture after Snow white and the seven dwarfs.
  • For whom the bell tolls

    A novel published in 1940 about a young american kid based upon earnest hemmingways life during the Spanish civil war
  • Germany invades the Soviet Union

    Germany broke a treaty and invaded the Soviet Union what is now the USSR the great patriotic war
  • United States enter war

    The U.S enters world war II from the attack on pearl harbor. The U.S pacific fleet was keeping the U.S from having contact with the Empire of Japan and the Netherlands
  • Atanasoff - Berry Computer

    The first computer ever to be electronic digital device. at first the computer had no use but it was used to slove linear equations.
  • First rock n roll music

    Frank Sinatra is the first person to introduce rock n roll music with a form of bebop type of syenthing
  • Greek Civil war

    The war started when Greek's government was unable to have the right affilations of political meetings
  • Iceland declares independence from Denmark

    Iceland was once a territory of denmark but in 1944 it became its own country
  • Holocaust

    During World War II the Holocaust was a program run by Adof Hitler. The program was to destruction of the Jews.
  • Frisbee

    Wham o toys invented the frisbee which is a flying disc which rotates while flying.
  • United Nations Charter

    United Nations is the founder of this treaty that makes an agreement with all the 50 countries except Poland which signed its own treaty.
  • Indonesia declares independence from Netherlands

    Indonesia become its own independent country after a hard struggle.
  • World War II ends

    world war II ends with the surrender with the Sakhlin islands and the surrender documents were filed
  • Microwave Oven

    the Microwave oven is a tool used to cook food by using radio waves instead of convenction heat
  • Slinky Toy invented

    The Slinky was invented by Richard James. It was created when James accidently knocked down the shelves on a ship and tried to figure out how the shelves can be stabalized
  • Doo Whop Music

    Doo Whop is a form of rhythm and blues music achieved only in African American cities in the 1940's and the 1950's and early 1960's pop music form of R&B was popular at this time
  • 3-D cinemas

    3-D uses a method that illuses of depth perciption.
  • First non-leaking pen

    Paper Mate made its very first non-leaking ball point pen
  • Korean Armistice Agreement

    This started out as a war between North Korea & Republic of Korea(South Korea). The governments were competing aginst the control of the Korean Penninsula
  • DNA Helix

    Francis Crick & James Watson suggest that this helix is the way how different genes are grouped and paired
  • Solar Cell

    Solar cell is a method of using electricity using a silicon material and maintains power by short and long circuits
  • Solar Battery

    Bell Telephone company had produced its first solar powered battery. the batteries only have about 6% of efficency
  • Hurricane Hazel

    Hurricane Hazel is a coastline hurricane that killed 1,000 people in Hati before striking in North and South Carolina. THis Hurricane was a category 4 type hurricane
  • Lady and the Tramp

    Walt Disney's fifteenth animated film Lady & The tramp is the first Walt Disney film using cinemascope a different way of views from the camera and more closeup shots.
  • Vietnam War

    A cold war that started in Cambodia fought between nort and south Vietnam aginst its allies.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Rosa Parks gave up her seat on a Segerated Bus in Montgomery Alabama to a white person. She was arrested for civil disobedience and the case went all the way up to supreme court.
  • Ultrasound

    The Ultrasound is first used to test out heart activity
  • Sputik 1 launched

    Soviet Unionlaunches the first Sputik the first artifical satellite to orbit earth.
  • NORAD system in Place

    NORAD is a organization for the U.S & Canada. It provide wasrning for aerospace warning, air soverignity and defense for the U.S & Canada
  • NASA formed

    President Esinenhower signed an agreeemnt to form a space testing facility and operations center for scientists.
  • Bay of Pigs Movement

    A unsessful action by the CIA of Cubans trying to invade southern Cuba by supports of the U.S government
  • Berlin Wall

    The Belin wall was a barrier placed on concrete walls known as death strip
  • Touchtone Phones

    Touchtone phones are the new way of Phones Invented by AT& T. This phone uses individual buttons instead of old fashioned rotary dialing.
  • VHS video Recorder

    The Vhs is a device that uses magnetic fields and removable casettes to record sound and video and used for television broadcasting
  • Martin Luther King Jr's Sppech

    Martin Luther King Jr Speech is about racial discrimination and to end Segeration laws in the U.S
  • Sketchpad

    A new way for people to use computers by drafting
  • Lyndon Johnson takes office

    Lyndon B Johnson takes office at the White House after the assination of John F. Kennedy

    A new language type computer system is created for scientists and mathmeticians. Became a weidespread in the 1960's and 1970's.
  • Luna 10 launch

    The Soviet Union launched the Luna 10 space phrobe to orbit the moon.

    A new video format in European countries called PAL & SCEAM were the way of television transmission in EasternEurope
  • First ATM machiene

    The First Atm machiene was a cash despense by some people. The machiene works by swiping a bank card into it and you can deposit money out the cash door. The first one opened in a Bank in London
  • Tlacteo Massacre

    A massacre of studen and civilians and protesters occured before the summer olympics of 1968
  • Stonewall Riot

    A Riot broke outside of New York Citys Greenwhich village and the riot was about homosexuality and the most violent riot about political raid and supports of gay rights.
  • Moon Landing

    Neil armstrong was the first ever person to set foot on the moon
  • Hurracaine Camille

    A hurricane that is the strongest and a category 5 Hurricane that struck close to the Missisippi River
  • Shag Carpet

    Shag carpet is a type of carpet that is a deep pile design that gives it's shaggy style
  • Pac Man

    A arcade game releasded for the United States by the Midway company. The game focuses on Pac-Man eating dots and getting big dots to turn the enemies blue to eat for extra points. This became a popular tv show and mercandise after the games success.
  • Compact Disc Invented

    A Compact Disc is a type of storage data only to be used for audio but later on CD-Roms were manufactured for storage of video,audio,graphics
  • Macintosh 128K computer

    This is the first mac that was supposed to have very detailed graphics. It was marketed to the middle class
  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    The NES is the first 8-bit consol relaed by Nintendo after the video game crash of 1983. Originally
  • Steel Phantom

    Kennywood Park in PIttsburgh Pennyslavania opens it's fourth major coaster. A hypercoaster that includes a tall second hill that reaches about up to 80 mph a which is ajoined with the Thunderbolt. It goes through two loops a corkscrew and finishes off with bumps before it returns to the station.
  • El AL Flight 1862

    The flight of the El Al Fllight of 1862 crashed into the Groeneveen buliding in Amsterdam. 43 people were killed even the pilots of the plane were killed also. 39 people were serouoisly injured. This became the most deadliest crash in Dutch history.
  • Oaklaholma City Bombing

    This Bombing was a Attck on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in downtown Oklaholma city. 19 children under the age of six and killed 168 people and 680 were seriously killed
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95 is a graphical user interface 32-bit type operating system. Unlike MS-DOS Windows 95 is a better and new way without having to boot up in DOS it will open scandisk in DOS if the system freezes. It featured new and enhanced plug and play features
  • DVD

    The DVD is high density disc not like blu ray but has the same dimension as a cd. Before dvd's the preceeder to dvd was Laserdisc which was like dvd but the disc were larger and more heavy like.
  • Christmas Party at Preschool

    Christmas Party at Preschool
    I am pictured here in Santa's Lap during the Christmas Party at California School Adminstration building a daycare program run by the Intermidate Unit
  • USB flash drive introduced

    USB flash drives took over the use of floppy drives in computer manufactured in the late 1990's.
  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3 is the third film in the toy story series. It plots Andy leaving for college and does not know want he wants to do with his toys that he left as he got older.