US History II

  • Roaring 20's

    The roarings 20's was a time period of new music and Americans became more social.
  • The Great Depression

    The Stock Market crashed on this day which would mark the beginning of the Great Depression in the United States.
  • World War II

    Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on this day which too me, marks the true beginning of World War II.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis involved the US Soviets and Cuba, the US spotted missiles and suspected the Soviets of supplying them.
  • Civil Rights Movement

    MLK gave his speech at the March on Washington, this was the most imporant part in all of the civil rights movement.
  • Woodstock

    A 3 day music festival demoting the Vietnam War.
  • Nixons Resignation

    The Watergate scandal involving Richard Nixon eventually led to him basically having to resign.