US History II

  • Influenza

    Influenza is nothing more than a flu virus. In 1918 to 1919 a flu virus had been affecting not only many Americans, but the whole world. Many people died from the flu in this period of time mostly because there was no known cure to the virus.
  • Red Scare

    Followed by the Russian revelution the united States was falling apart because of the red scare. The red scare was the fear of a battle on America's homeland because of a form of government known as communism
  • Espionage

    In 1926 a big problem in the United States was espionage. The term espionage mostly means spies for enemy country governments. In this case it was the Russian government who was spying on the America military plans and expansions.
  • Great Depression

    In 1929 a major problem for the United states had begun. The event is known as the great depression. The great depression got it's name from the huge American stock market crash. The crash left America hurt and citizens in America with no jobs.
  • World war II

    World war II was started by the invasion on Poland by the Axis leading army, Germany. Germany was aiming to expand their country becaus eof anger for being blamed for all of world war I. Adolf Hitler convinced Germany that revenge was needed and would soon become the dictator og Germany.
  • Cold war

    The cold war is not seen as a regular slaughter to death type of war. It was mostly seen as a space race. Most people did not know that the cold war did have many battles that mostly happened between the United States and Russia, but some were between the United States and Cuba.
  • Korean war

    The country Koera was once a whole. Now it is split into two separate states of North and South Korea. The two sides could not agree on one type of government. The North wanted a communist government , while the South wanted a democratic government. This caused the koreans to go to war.
  • Vietnam war

    In 1955 the start of the vietnam war had occured. The Vietnam war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam along with help from Russia and China for the North, and help from America for the South. Niether side really won the war. Both sides would eventually stop fighting in order to stop the loss of soldiers.
  • JFK assassination

    November 23, 1963 breaking news, president John F. Kennedy has just been assassinated. JFK was assassinated at around 12:30 pm that day by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. Some people like to believe that the death is all a conspiracy at that the government had something to do with it in order to cver something up.
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on for a few years now. Both sides want full control over Isreal even though the main reason for terrorist attacks and walls being built to create peace is all for one city called Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the Israeli's main holy land and the Palestinians third most holy place on Earth. This city gives both side a very good argument as to why they deserve the land.