us history b timeline

  • Invention of the Model T

  • THE Zimmerman telegram

    the zimmerman telegram was a suposedly secre message to the mexican government to incite war on america to keep them ocupied while germany took over europe.
  • World War 1 Arastice

  • The 10th Amendment

    womens sufferage
  • Charles Linberghs flight

    he flew from new york to paris in 31 hours
  • Black Thursday

    dow jones stock market crash
  • The New Deal

    FDRs plan for the government
  • Hitler Becomes Chanceler

  • The Munich pact

    anexation of parts of czeckoslovakia
  • Hitler Invades Poland

  • Pearl Harbor

  • D Day

  • Hiroshima & Naasaki

  • The Creation Of The United Nations

  • The long telegram

  • Formation of NATO

  • The Russians aquire the atomic bomb

  • The Korean war

  • Cuban missle crisis

  • The gulf of tonkin resulution

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

  • Vietnam war

    the war ended in 1975
  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat

  • JFK asassonation

  • Apollo landing

  • the watergate break ins

  • Nixons resignation

  • The invention of the internet

  • The fall of the Berlin wall

  • 9/11 attacks