Word war 1

U.S. History

  • Franz Ferdinand Assasinated

    Franz Ferdinand Assasinated
    Franz was Assinated which started off the war.
  • German Poison Gas

    German Poison Gas
    German used poison for the first time during the second battle of ypres.
  • Austria vs. Serbia

    Austria vs. Serbia
    austria declares war on serbia
  • Americans Ignored

    Americans Ignored
    They plan on using ships to transport Americas to Europe, but are ignored.
  • President Wilson

    President Wilson
    He calls for Germans to stop there submarines to stop.
  • Lord Kitchener

    Lord Kitchener
    Lord kitchener, british secretary, asks for american participation in Europe.
  • British surrenders.

    British surrenders.
    British forces surrender to Turkish forces in mesopotamia
  • War on Germany Declared

    War on Germany Declared
    Woodrow Wilson Declares War on Germany.
  • America Enters World War 1

    America Enters World War 1
    America Declares war on germany, entering world war 1
  • Nivelle Offensive begins

    Nivelle Offensive begins
    The Nivelle Offensive begins
  • Canada's finest battle

    Canada's finest battle
    Canadian troops take Vimy ridge.
  • Third Bttle of Champagne

    Third Bttle of Champagne
    The Nivelle Offensive, which includes the Second Battle of Aisne and the Third Battle of Champagne ends in French Failure.
  • Battle of Lys

    Battle of Lys
    Germany launches second Spring offensive, the Battle of the Lys, in the British sector of Armentieres.
  • Peace

    Peace Conference held in France
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was signed by the Germans.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    Women are given the right to vote.
  • Miss America

    Miss America
    The first was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Readers Digest

    Readers Digest
    Readers Digest was founded.
  • Aztec ruins

    Aztec ruins
    New Mexico's ruins become a natainol monument.
  • Time Magazine

    Time Magazine
    Time magazined first published.
  • Warren Dies

    Warren Dies
    In office, Coolige takes over.
  • First Winter Olympics

    First Winter Olympics
    Held in the French Alps.
  • Woodrow Wilson Dies

    Woodrow Wilson Dies
    He was the only president burried in Washington D.C.
  • IBM

    IBM cooperation was founded.
  • J. Edgar Hoover, FBI

    J. Edgar Hoover, FBI
    He was appointed president of the FBI
  • Indian citizens

    Indian citizens
    Indians are citizens thanks to Calvin Coolige
  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse
    the first mickey mouse comic strip
  • Pluto Discovered

    Pluto Discovered
    the smallest planet
  • Nancy Drew

    Nancy Drew
    Books ae released to the public
  • Star Spangeled Banner

    Star Spangeled Banner
    By Francis Scott Key
  • Empire State Building

    Empire State Building
    it was finished
  • Nevada Legalizes Gambling

    Nevada Legalizes Gambling
  • Son Of Lindbergh

    Son Of Lindbergh
    was kidnapped and later was found dead
  • Franklin D. ROOSEVELT

    elected for his first time
  • 21st amendment

    21st amendment
    ended prohibition
  • Haitis troops

    Haitis troops
    U.S. put troops in Haitis
  • Babe ruth retires

    Babe ruth retires
    great base ball player
  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam
    Dedicated to roosevelt
  • gone with the wind

    gone with the wind
    Margerette Thatcher
  • naval expansion act passed

    naval expansion act passed
  • selective service act

  • Hiter invades

    Norway and Denmark
  • Hitler invades

    Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburgh
  • Great Smokey Mountains

    Great Smokey Mountains
    most visited park
  • George Washington Carver Museum

    George Washington Carver Museum
  • America in Iceland

    America in Iceland
    trying to invade nazi Germany
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    By FDR
  • Ted Williams

    Ends his season with a .400 batting average <3
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
  • Battle of Midway

    Fought in the mid way island between us and japan
  • North Africa

    North Africa
    invaded by us and the biritish
  • Nuclear chain reaction

    created in chicago
  • Thomas Jefferson's Mmemorial

    Thomas Jefferson's Mmemorial
    200th aniversary
  • Race riots

    Race riots
    in detroit and harlem cause forty deths and seven head injuries
  • Yalta Conference

    cold war begins
  • Yalta Conference

    cold ewar begins
  • Truman is commander

    Roosevelt has a brain issue and truman takes over
  • Atomic Bomb

    New mexico's test
  • First atomic bomb

    trinity test
  • atomic bomb hits japan

    truman gives his okay
  • miners go on strike

    400,000 of them
  • NBA

    IS founded
  • microwave over

    is invented
  • Jackie Robinson

    breaks the colored barrier
  • Berlin Blockade

    Soviet union begins it
  • no us troops in korea

    theyere withdrawn
  • Korean war

  • ANZUS treaty

    U.S., New Zealend and Austria are friends
  • color tv

    go on sale
  • u-2 spyplane

    shot down over russia
  • U.s. ands VCuba

    break relationns
  • JFK

    Inaguaraion speach
  • First man around earth

    Russia announces it
  • Bay of Pigs

    Cuna invades
  • Hydrogen Bomb

    Biggest explosion ever
  • First American to Orbit Earth

    John H. Glenn Jr.
  • First Artificial Heart

    Houstin Hospitol
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    USA WORRIES about cuba
  • Martin Luther Kind Jr.

    I have a dream
  • Jfk Shot

    by a sniper
  • Lee Harvey oswald

    shot and killed
  • Malcomn x

    shot in harlem
  • Thurgood Marshall

    sworn in as the first african american supreme justice
  • Richard Nixon

    37th president of the united states
  • Hillary Clinton

    Wins in a seat in the house
  • Tiger Woods

    Becomes the first golfer to hold all four golf awards
  • 9/11

    Terrorists attack the twin towers
  • Anthrax

    Anthrax starts attack people by mal at Princeton
  • War on Terror

    America commences war on the terrorists
  • Space Shuttle Columbia

    NASA's Space shuttle explodes over Texas they all die.
  • Sudam

    is Captured by America
  • Mars Rover

    lets us know that there was water on mar at one time
  • George W. Bush

    Wins Again
  • Tsunami!

    Southeast Asian Tsunami kills 290,000 people
  • Lance Armstrong

    Wins his seventh Tour de la france
  • Katrina

    Hurricaine Katrina hits Louisianna
  • 1 billionth song

    1 Billionth song was downloaded to iTunes
  • Barack Obama

    Obma becomes president
  • Finished

    Johnathan Frank Santo the first finished his Timeline