US Business 1865-present

  • Mexican American War

    Mexican American War
    Mexican American War begins sparking the beginning of American Imperialism
  • End of US Civil War

    End of US Civil War
    General Robert E. Lee surrenders to Genraly Ulysses S. Grant, ending the US Civil War
  • Great Chicago Fire

    Great Chicago Fire
    The great chicago fire begins from unknown origins, burning for two days and destroying over three square miles of Chicago
  • Telephone Patented

    Telephone Patented
    Alexander Graham Bell patents telephone
  • Assasination of James Garfield

    Assasination of James Garfield
    The assasination of James Garfield leads to the invention of first air conditioner by Navy Engineers to help keep Garfield's room cool, and invention of metal detector by Alexabder Graham Bell to find bullets in president's body (it did work but did not find any bullets. It was later realized that the bedsprongs beneath the president gave a false positive for bullets throughout his body.)
  • US Gasoline Powered Car Tested

    US Gasoline Powered Car Tested
    Duryea Brothers test the first American gasoline powered automobile
  • Wright Brothers Flight

    Wright Brothers Flight
    The Wright Brothers fly their plane at Kittyhawk North Carolina
  • Model T

    Model T
    Henry Ford's Model T applies the concept of an assembly line applied to the production of automobiles.
  • WWI

    Beginning of first world war
  • US enters WWI

    US enters WWI
    US Enters WWI
  • Black Monday

    Black Monday
    Stock market crash leads to Great Depression
  • US Sceurities and Commssions Act

    US Sceurities and Commssions Act
    US Securities and Exchange Act passed creating the US Securities and Exchange Commision to prevent the events that lead to Great Sepression from happening again
  • Social Security Act

    Social Security Act
    Social Security Act passed to provide financial assistance to the elderly, widowed, and disabled
  • Beginning of WWII

    Beginning of WWII
    England declares war on Nazi Germany for the invasion of Poland
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, leading the Us to declare war on Japan (and in a foolish move in response to the US decleration of war on Japan, Germany declares war on the US) bringing the US into WWII
  • Employment Act

    Employment Act
    Employment Act passed providing financial assistance to the unemployed
  • McDonalds

    McDonald bothers rebrand their BBQ restaurant as a hamburger restaurant and apply assembly line techniques to service, creating the concept of fast food (exact date unknow)
  • Equal Pay Act

    Equal Pay Act
    Equal Pay Act passed to fight discramination based on gender
  • Apple Inc

    Apple Inc
    Apple computers started by Steve Jobs
  • Microsoft

    Steve Jpbs and Paul Allen found Microsoft
  • Windows 1

    Windows 1
    Microsoft introduces Windows 1
  • Black Monday

    Black Monday
    Stock Market crashes around the world
  • Google

    Google registers the domain name of the now internet giant
  • 9/11

    The World Trade Center is attacked by Muslim terrorists
  • YouTube

    YouTube is founed allowing users to upload thier videos to the internet