US and Russa Timeline

  • Recognition

    The United States finally accepts Russia as a country and begins trying to make diplomatic relations with them.
  • Lend Lease

    Lend Lease
    The US passed the Lend Lease Act, which provided millions of dollars worth of weapons to allies, and nations fighting against the Nazi's in World War II. The US didn't want to get involved in the war yet, and was trying to raise revenue for itself by helping the other nations. They also knew that the countries needed to fight against the Nazi's, or else the US would be the next target for an attack.
  • End of WWII

    End of WWII
    With the help of Russia, and other allied nations, Germany falls and the end of WWII is declared. This is a big step because Russia was initially helping Germany out, but switched after being backstabbed by Hitler.
  • Cold War

    Cold War
    Disagreements with the ideas of communism, the US and the Soviets were becoming uneasy with one another and nuclear war became ever present. No missle was shot, but the thoughts of one being shot was always a concern.
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    The space race was a competition between the US and Russia, which was only about whoever could get a spacecraft, as well as a man into space first. This eventually led to a man landing on the Moon.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The cuban missile crisis was an act by both the Russians and the United States to put nuclear missiles in certain areas. The United States put nuclear missiles in Turkey and the Russian government didn't like that, so they countered by putting missiles in Cuba, only a few miles from Florida.
  • Working Together In Space

    Working Together In Space
    After so much competing, Russia and the United States work together and have their spaceships meet in space while doing an orbit around the Earth.
  • Olympic Upset

    Olympic Upset
    The "unbeatable" Russian hockey team was beaten in an upset game against the United States. The United States came in and shocked everyone after having to battle throughout the entire games.
  • Nuclear Meltdown

    Nuclear Meltdown
    The famous Chernobyl incident took place, which was a massive nuclear meltdown which has now left the city an abandoned wasteland. Radiation is too great to go anywhere in the area.
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    When deciding to go to invade Iraq, the Russian government expressed there strong opinion of opposing this action.