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Urban Opera Pilot Pre-Production

  • Project begins

    Project begins
    The script and the music have been selected. A small group of collaborators are working. The group is composed of a production assistant, technical volunteers and me. The target of this mini project is already set, it was decided to elaborate a theme song with visuals represented in an urban contemporary opera to serve as a pilot for a series. Duration is about 15 minutes long in exteriors. The tasks to be done had been distributed to my colaborators and we are meeting every other day.
  • Office Organization

    Office Organization
    Letters to potential sponsors or partners are redacted and printed. Sponsorship levels are created and printed. Contacts are gathered to pin point the possible sponsors to sell our project. Government programs possibilities are identified and applied to ASAP.
    Script copirights are in control. This lasts troughout the lenght of the project.
  • Period: to

    Project staff recruitment, organization period and administrative issues are resolved.

    This is the period to set things in order to develop the Urban Opera pilot. A making of story is done using a digital camera to use social media as a platform to market the project.
    A webpage is designed by one of the staff members hosting sellable spaces to partners, sponsors or collaborators. I will serve as casting director, producer and funraiser. The production manager and director (musical-acting) are recruited on the first week.
  • Period: to

    Location scout

    Several locations were identified and now the permits need to fall in place on the right time to make it happen. The ocation permit is obtained and the insurance is quoted for.
  • The chase to funding starts

    The chase to funding starts
    Letters to potential sponsors, partners, endorsers, media contacts and collaborators are given in person to invite them to our fundraiser event on August 25th. The project and an open casting is announced using our media contacts with interviews on local newspaper and TV.
    This lasts throughout the project.
  • Open call Casting is advertized

    An open casting is advertized to media. This lasts until the 19 of August.
  • Period: to

    Open call casting

    The casting Director had made the contacts through media to do an open call casting for singer - actors. Casting venue is secured.
  • Talent is selected

    Talent is selected
    Rehearsals are appointed.
  • Period: to

    Pre fundraiser rehearsal

    At this time the production manager would have subcontracted a musical director ( as collaboration) to rehearse with the actors-singers. The purpose is to polish the 3 minutes scene to be presented in the fundraiser.
  • Location

    The location is scouted and assured. This lasted from the first week to this moment.
  • Fundraiser event

    Fundraiser event
    The sellected cast and crew are presented to the potential sponsors and media. A banquet type activity is showed. Acknowledgements to the people on board is done. A scene and a little intro to the singing is presented live as a teaser. The press and TV presence will create a hype around the project. A sponsor brand (alcohol) host the event and has a spot in the website and press conference. Known celebrities are invited to be partof the hype. This lasts a day.
  • Period: to

    Rehearsals and Technical meetings

    At this time the rehearsals from actors continue on a 3 days a week basis. Is decided that the equipment rental will be complementary to the staff equipment. Sound is included in this area.
  • Online Marathon

    An online mega fund marathon is organized with the new partners to advertise them while funds are collected online using paypal by selling sponsorship packages. This activity lasts till the end of the project.
  • Budget revision

    Once the fundraiser activities, partnership, sponsorship and the potential spenses are accounted for the funds are assigned to each area in particular. Checks are written for future delivery. This activity is part of the weekly palnning.
  • Checks are paid

    Insurance and permits are paid for.
  • Supplementary staff hired

    After over a month of the project being on the spot a group of supplementary staff (assistants, make up and catering) are hired. The criteria of hiring is collaboration, minimum wage and interships.
  • Period: to

    Pre-shooting weeks

    Administrative processes confirmation,preparation of the crew, rehearsals and finishing touches before the shooting
  • Equipment is account for

    All the equipment is accounted for by the technical crew under the production manager and stored for final rehearsal an production. This lasts for a couple of days untill the needed equipment is secured.
  • Final Rehearsal

    The location is ready for shooting and a reheasal is scheculed under the same circumstances to be filmed. The technical crew rehearses the with the equipment. All of the staff will be involved. This activity lasts a full day.