United States war in the Pacific

  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    The battle of Britin stared after Franc surinderd to Hitlar and lost.Hitlat thought that Britian would give up too but they didn't.Britin didn't win but they put up a really good fight and showed them that they would not give up ever.But Britian did cut down a lot of German numbers.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor was attack by the Japanese on Dcember 8 at 7:49am.Japan destroyed 2 ships sunk the California ship and heavily damaged all the other battleships.They also destoyed West Virginia,Maryland and Tennessee.There were 2,388 people dead.
  • Leyte Gulf

  • Iwo Jima

    Iwo Jima
    A lot of Marines decided to fight Iwo Jima on Feburary 19 1945 with 30,000 Marines.Iwo Jima is a small island that is about 600 miles away from the south of Tokyo.The Japanese killed 600 of the Americans on the fist day they started the war and 1800 were wounded in the battle.