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  • Declaration of Independance

    Declaration of Independance
    the Declaration of Independance was a signed paper that said the the 13th colony was no longer apart of the British Empire. They formed a Union and thats how we be came that Untited States. There were 56 people who signed the Declaration
  • raditifcation of the consituation

    raditifcation of the consituation
    The Ratification of the United States Consitution was all about getting a constitution for the 13 states that were in it. Also bringing all the states together.And the U.S constitution explained that there was no garrentee that the goverment would protect the rights of the peope.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    America purchased the Luisiana Terriory from France for $15 million. Which is about 3 cents per acre America doubled in its size (McDougal littell, 346)
  • The Lewis and Clark Journey

    The Lewis and Clark Journey
    A man named Meriwhether Lewis and a man named William Clark were told by Thomas Jefferson to explore the
    Louisianna Territory and the lands west to the Pacific Ocean. They located the western bank of the Mississippi River which will soon become the gateway to the west. Also they esatblished good relationships with the native americans. Lastly they brought back a lot of valuable information. (McDougal littell, 347-349)
  • The Texas revolution

    The Texas revolution
    Americans settled in Texas and and they didnt like Mexican laws as well as the Texans. in less than 18 minutes Texas killed more than half of the Mexican people and that day texas got their independance. (McDougal Littell, 431)
  • Donner Party

    Donner Party
    Jacob and George Donner were leading people to go to california. It took longer then they expected and be fore they knew it they were suck in heavey snow and they ran out of food and and people were dying. they needed food so they would eat the people that did not make it. (http://www.history.com/topics/donner-party)
  • The War with Mexico

    The War with Mexico
    In 1846-1848 It was a war between the Americans and the Mexicans. The Americans Won. Mexico had lost about one-third of its territory, including nearly all of present-day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. (http://www.history.com/topics/mexican-american-war)
  • The California Gold Rush

    The California Gold Rush
    A man named James Marshall was the first to discover the gold. He found it in northern California. Many people came for the gold people of all races Irish, Chinesse, Mexican, German, and even Americans. What happens is people come for the search of gold in a certain area also they had many fights over whos land is whos . (McDougal Littell, 440)
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    Slave hunters were allowed to capture people that had escaped from slavery. In any territory or state.
    (McDougal, pages 485)
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Uncle Tom's Cabin was a Story about the cruelty and the immorality of slavery. It Describes how the main charracter named Eliza escaped with her son from slavery to the Ohio River.
    (McDougal Littell page: 485)
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    The bleeding of Kansas was about Proslavery and antislavery and how they fought to see whether or not that kanas was going to be a slave state. the Bleeding was just an insite of the Civil War. (McDougal, page 487)
  • The battle of Gettysburg Day 1

    The battle of Gettysburg Day 1
  • The Battle of Gettysburg Day 2

    The Battle of Gettysburg Day 2
  • Battle of Gettysburg Day 3

    Battle of Gettysburg Day 3
  • The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln. He was at a play at Ford's threater in Washington D.C.John's orginal plan was to kidnap Lincoln and take him to Richmond but Lincoln didn't Appear to be there.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    In Wall Street in New York billions of dolloars were lost. Stock prices began to drop. The Stock Market Crash lead to the Great Depression.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Japanese launced an air attack on the naval base in Hawii. After 2 hours of bombing many were killed and many ships were destroyed. Japanese wanted to keep expansion of aisa, but we had restrictive embargo on Japan.
  • John F. Kennedy became Persident

    John F. Kennedy became Persident
    John's campaign, promised to “get the country moving again,” Everyone that heard him felt a sense of hope and optisim.
  • The First Appearance of Spider-Man in Comics

    The First Appearance of Spider-Man in Comics
    Spider-Man is a fictional character from a comic book. It's about a teenager that is dealing with rejection and loneliness. He is a teenager when everyone is looking and when no one is looking he is Spider-Man.
  • The March on Washinton

    The March on Washinton
    On this day the famous "I have a Dream" speech was given by a Man named Martin Luther King Jr. The speech was about how
    Martin wanted the African Americans to have peace with the
    white and for them all to get along. Te speech took place in Washington D.C.
  • The first superbowl

    The first superbowl
    The first super bowl was play by the Greenbay Packers and the Kansas City Cheifs. The Greenbay Packers won 35 to 10. It took place in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
  • The First Inauguration of Ronald Reagan

    The First Inauguration of Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan was the 40th president.His inauguration was the first to be held on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building.
  • The Explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle

    The Explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle
    The first Space Shuttle Disaster was Challenger which was lost during an explosion as it took off from Cape Canaveral, killing all seven people on board. NASA suspended shuttle flights for two years.
  • Birthday!!

  • Falling for the twin towers

    Falling for the twin towers
    The Twin Towers fell on september 11 2001. Terrorist took over four planes and flew them right into the Twin Towers. On there is a memorial on Time square
  • The First Inauguration of Barack Obama

    The First Inauguration of Barack Obama
    Barack Obama is the 44th president and the first African American president to every hold office. "A New Birth of Freedom", was a pharse from a phrase from the Gettysburg Address,
  • One Important Event in My Life

    One Important Event in My Life
    This was the day that I came into the foster care system. It is sad to me but I think it is very important and I was in 4th grade. Since then I have had many people in my life help me and guide me in the right direction to become successful.
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    The Years of the Revolution War

  • Period: to

    The Civil War

  • Period: to

    Mark the years of World War I

  • Period: to

    years of world war 2

  • Period: to

    Years of the Korean War

  • Period: to

    Years of the Vietnam War

    1 November 1955[A 1] to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975