Unit Three

  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    The Strengths were being able to declare war and make peace, coin and borrow money, detail with foreign countries amd sign treaties, operate post offices.
    The Weaknesses were national goverments not being able to force states to obey laws, didn't have power to tax, did not have power to enforce laws, congress lacked strong/steady leadership, no national army or navy, no system of national courts, each state could issue its own paper money and could trade between other states
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    The Constitutional Convention was held on Febuary 21,1787 in Philadelphia. There were 55 delegates present there but on 39 signed the Constitution. The Convention was held in secrecy due to the delegates making changes to the Articles of Confederation instead of just ammending it. The 3 Compromises that were made were the Great Compromise, the 3/5 Compromise, and the Trade Compromise.
  • Creation of Constituion

    Creation of Constituion
    Created in 1787 by James Madison in Philadelphia. The delegates met up to amend the Articles of Confederation but instead ended up making a whole new Constitution.
  • Bill of Right6s

    Bill of Right6s
    1.Freedom of Speech,Press, Religion,
    2.Rights to bear arms
    3.Protection from quartering soilders
    4.Protection from unreasonable search/seizure
    5.Due process
    6.Trial by Jury and other rights accused
    7.Civil Trial by Jury
    8.Prohibition of excessive bail
    9. Protection of rights
    10. Powers of states and people