Unit 3 Activity Korea (independence )

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  • UN Response

    the President and the Secretary of State obtained the consent of Congress to appropriate $12 billion for military action in Korea. On Saturday, 24 June 1950, U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson informed President Truman that the North Koreans had invaded South Korea
  • Battle of Inchon

     As the overall commander of Chinese forces, Zhou Enlai suggested that the North Koreans should attempt to eliminate the enemy forces at Inchon only if they had reserves of at least 100,000 men; To relieve the Pusan Perimeter General McArthur requested a amphibious

    Landing on the town of Inchon near Seoul and 100 miles behind the KPA
  • Battle of Pusan

    The Battle of Pusan was the mission to take down Koreas largest port so that it would be easier to launch a mainland attack on Korea
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    un forces cross partishion line

    Taking advantage of the UN Command's strategic momentum against the communists, General MacArthur believed it necessary to extend the Korean War into China to destroy depots supplying the North Korean war effort. 
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    China intervenes (October – December 1950)

    On 27 June 1950, two days after the KPA invaded and three months before the Chinese entered the war, President Truman dispatched the United States Seventh Fleet to the Taiwan Strait, to prevent hostilities between the Nationalist Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China
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    For the remainder of the Korean War the UN Command and the PVA fought, but exchanged little territory; the stalemate held. Large-scale bombing of North Korea continued, and protracted armistice negotiations began 10 July 1951 at Kaesong.