unit 2

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    unit 2

  • french indian war

    this was a war between britash and france they fought unitl 1763 it died down then
  • treaty of pairs

    ended the sevan year war between the brtian and english
  • proclamation of 1763

    didnt let the colnst go west passed the applation mountains
  • suger act

    they put taxs on verything
  • stamp act

    they put taxes on stamps and all paper products
  • quarting act

    they had to let the soliders in there house and give them anything
  • writ of assicants

  • town shed acts

    put taxes on househole items
  • boston massacure

    a gurling fight between them chrisp akis wa the first killed
  • tea act

    taxed the tea
  • boston tea party

    the dumped the tea into the harbor
  • intolabrial acts

    laws passed by the brittish parlement
  • first contintel congres

    twelev britens menat in pensivaneya
  • 2nd contanital congress

    they wanted to make peace and not have anymore war
  • ft. technoilga

  • 2nd contanital congress

  • ft ticongda

    was a camp
  • bunker hill

    this was a war fote on a hill that was a up and down hill battel
  • buncker hill

  • lexigton

    fist shots fired
  • concord

    was a war that was with lexigton
  • comon sence

    thomas pain made this to help the soliders
  • declaration of indenpendance

    thmos jeffercen signed it wich wanted to make indempence
  • battel of long island newyourk

  • battle of trinton

  • battele of princton

  • battle of saratoga

    was a turning ponit in the war a big one
  • winter at vally forge

  • battle of yourk town

    this was the last battel
  • treaty of paris 1783

    this soleved everything and made it stop all of it