Tyler Durivage Timeline

  • Whilhelm becomes Emperor

    He becomes emperor and wants to expand the navy to compete with Britain, Expand African colonies, and forced Bismarck to resign in 1890.
  • Perlude to war in Africa

    France and Britain did not support Russia in its war against Japan. There was a treaty that gave France full control over morocco but granted land in the Congo to Germany
  • Ottoman Decline

    War with Russia in the 19th century. Young Turks moved south to restore constitutional government. This is when they began to lose territory.
  • Zaian War

    Germans and ottomans wanted to disrupt the french rule and because of this it led to the war between France and zaian in Marocco.
  • Russia in the First World War

    Russia entered the war in 1914 and defended Serbian. They fought against Germany and the Eastern Front. Which then led to the February Revolution and the rise of the Provisional Government.
  • Europe Unravels

    Bosnian nationalist assainates Archduke. Russia is opposed to expand of the Hungarian and ottoman empire. Serbia denies responsibility and mobilizes its army.
  • Battle of Meuse Argonne

    This drove Germany to surrender and then Bulgaria was defeated.
  • Settlement of First World War

    This is when the allied powers took advantage of greater numbers and this is when Trench warefare took place.
  • Benito Mussolini

    WWI veteran and journalist, established the National Fascist part in 1919
  • May 4th movement

    Boycott of Japanese goods to protect imperial encroachment and gained widespread support.
  • Rise and Fall of the economy

    A vast number of Americans purchasing credit and the US market was not large enough for goods to be produced.
  • Mussolinis Italy

    Mussolini ordered the black shorts to replace striking socialist party workers to keep Italian economy running.
  • Rise of hitlers Fascism

    French Invasion of the Ruhr Valley in 1923, hitler attempts to seize control of the government.
  • Chinese Civil war

    Mao vies to fight feudalism with gorilla warfare. and they focused on defeating mao instea of fighting Japan.
  • First Five- Year plane

    Expansion of military production and state quotas for industrial production.
  • Collectivized Agriculture

    State takeover of all farms in order to depart from the capitalist way.
  • Israel and Palestine

    Jewish migration to Palestine and the Us supported the Jewish refugees.
  • Rise of Fascism in Spain

    King of Spain exiled after Spanish citizens voted to establish a republic.
  • Unemployment Skyrockets

    They shifted away from imports to domestic production and the rural areas impacted more severely.
  • Holodomor

    Famine in Ukraine, at least 5 million killed. Forcible resettlement of Ukrainian peasants to Siberia.
  • 17th Party Congress

    creation of 200,000 farm cooperatives.
  • Potsdam conference

    Germany divided between allied and soviet spheres and the Eastern bloc countries under influence of soviet union.
  • Marshall plan

    Over 13 billion in economic aid to Europe for rebuilding.
    aimed to provide value democracy and capitalism
  • Korean War

    Korea liberated from Javanese rule after WWII and the two korean nations formed and they signed the cease of fire in 1953
  • Chiese People republic

    Sino soviet treaty was signed and requested assistance from stalin and top end soviet control over central asia.
  • Great leap forward

    Focus on science and engineering and industrialize growth of steel and electricity and coal industries.
  • Afghanistan

    They had a long history of colonial enroachment. the civil war was between the soviet and the mujahideen
  • Nur Mohammed Tarki

    Coup brought a Marxist regime to power
  • Soviet Invasion

    Us viewed the soviet invasion as a threat to the oil supply
  • Soviet Union 1980

    Low morale from failed Afghan invasion and economic instability
  • Chernobly disaster

    Construdtion of a neclear plant near Pripyat Ukrainian SSR
  • Twilight of the USSR

    Gorbachev urges of the democratic process and shifted funding from defense budget to address growing deficit.
  • Fall of the soviet Union

    Democratic union faction within the comunist partty led by Boris Yeltsin pushed to transion the USSR into a multi part parliment democracy.