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The Cold War

  • The Defeat of Germany and Japan

    The Defeat of Germany and Japan
    End of World War II, as post-war plans, Stalin demands a sphere of control in Central to Eastern Europe.
  • Stalin’s Election Speech

    Stalin’s Election Speech
    In Stalin’s election speech of 1946 he states that communism and capitalism is not compatible, and that war is inevitable. Winston Churchill warns of an Iron Curtain descending on Europe.
  • Containment of Communism

    Containment of Communism
    Stalin invades Czechoslovakia, Truman then creates a Loyalty Program to catch Russian spies. And the Brussel’s pact was organized to protect Europe from communism.
  • Communism in China and Russia’s Atom Bomb

    Communism in China and Russia’s Atom Bomb
    The communist Mao Zedong takes control of China and establishes the People’s Republic of China. Russia successfully tested its first atomic bomb, worsening fears of nuclear war in America.
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    The Korean War begins, Stalin supports North Korea who invades South Korea with Soviet weapons.
  • Nuclear Arms Race

    Nuclear Arms Race
    Britain develops A-bombs in 1952, America tests 11 atomic bombs in Nevada of 1953. Later in 1954 the H-bomb is developed.
  • Communist Countries Unhappy

    Communist Countries Unhappy
    June 29 USSR sends tanks to Poland to put down a demonstration by workers. On September 4 the USSR sends military aid to Afghanistan. A rebellion is suppressed by forces in Hungary.
  • Beginning of The Space Race

    Beginning of The Space Race
    It began in 1957 when Russia launched their Vostok rocket. Soon after launching Sputnik and Sputnik II. In 1958 America launches the Explorer I, and the Mercury project is started using the Atlas Rocket.
  • Communist Cuba and JFK

    Communist Cuba and JFK
    Fidel Castro took control of Cuba, Cuba aligns itself with the Soviet Union and their policy. John F. Kennedy is elected president of the US.
  • Bay of Pigs and the Berlin Wall

    Bay of Pigs and the Berlin Wall
    Cuban exiles invaded Cuba, attempting to overthrow Fidel Castro’s rule and his communist policies. The Berlin border is closed, and the construction of the Berlin Wall begins.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    A series of tenses US and Soviet Union political engagements focused on the Soviets’ decision to install nuclear missiles in Cuba.
  • John F. Kennedy Assassinated

    John F. Kennedy Assassinated
    JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist American Marine who had defected to the USSR, but later returned to America.
  • Fighting Communism

    Fighting Communism
    U.S. Marines are sent to the Dominican Republic to fight Communism. Later in July it is announced 200,000 troops would be sent to Vietnam to do the same.
  • President Nixon

    President Nixon
    President Lyndon Johnson decides not to run for presidency again and Richard Nixon is elected president.
  • The Moon Landing

    The Moon Landing
    America won the Space Race when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon.
  • The Pentagon Papers

    The Pentagon Papers
    The Pentagon Papers are publicized. They revealed that America was expanding the battle in Vietnam to bombing Cambodia and Laos, and planning coastal attacks on North Vietnam. The media was not aware of this information beforehand.
  • The SALT I is signed

    The SALT I is signed
    The SALT I set limits of missile deployment sites for the Soviet Union and the United States, this marked the beginning of more friendly relations between the Soviet Union and the United States
  • Vietnam Cease Fire

    Vietnam Cease Fire
    After the settlements in Paris between Vietnam and the US, America called for a cease fire between the Vietnam and United States forces.
  • Communism Wins in Vietnam

    Communism Wins in Vietnam
    North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam, what the United States had hoped for. Despite this, Vietnam still became a communist country. Meaning the war was a waste of time and resources for the United States.
  • Trouble in Iran

    Trouble in Iran
    The Shah of Iran is overthrown and the Iranian Hostage Crisis begins.
  • The SALT II is signed

    The SALT II is signed
    The SALT II was an agreement between the Soviet Union and the U.S. to keep an equal amount of nuclear strategic weapons, and a promise to work on reducing them in the future.
  • The Soviets Invade Afghanistan

    The Soviets Invade Afghanistan
    Fearing a loss of a Communist proxy, the Soviets decide to invade Afghanistan in an effort to assist the existing communist government in putting down insurgencies.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev Becomes Leader of the Soviet Union

    Mikhail Gorbachev Becomes Leader of the Soviet Union
    Mikhail Gorbachev is elected the leader of the Soviet Union. He initiates a campaign of openness called “glasnost” and a restructuring called “perestroika”.
  • Nuclear Missiles in Europe

    Nuclear Missiles in Europe
    President Reagan and Gorbachev agree to remove all nuclear weapons from Europe.
  • More Denuclearization

    More Denuclearization
    Gorbachev and Reagan resolve to remove all short and medium range missiles.
  • Soviets Withdraw from Afghanistan

    Soviets Withdraw from Afghanistan
    Gorbachev announced that the Soviet Union had decided to withdraw from Afghanistan, an event which had almost drove US and Soviet relations to the breaking point 8 years ago.
  • Poland Gains Independence

    Poland Gains Independence
    Poland decides to leave the Soviet Union after 49 years of being a part of it.
  • Hungary Becomes Independent

    Hungary Becomes Independent
    Hungary leaves the Soviet Union after socialist rule ends in their country.
  • The Berlin Wall Falls

    The Berlin Wall Falls
    The Berlin Wall is demolished, and unrestricted migration is allowed between East and West Germany. The Soviet Union declares they will not interfere. With Germany’s reunification, many European countries begin to dissolve their communist cores.
  • Communism Fails

    Communism Fails
    Communist governments fall in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Rumania.
  • End of the Cold War

    End of the Cold War
    As the Soviet Union dissolved itself the Cold War officially came to an end and the Iron Curtain over Europe was lifted.