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  • Federal endangered species act of 1973

    This act provided many protections to turtles such as punishment to people who: take, disturb, destroy, sell, or harass turtles, eggs, or nests.
  • Turtle exclusion devices are required by ships in the US

    A law made it so that all fishing boats in the US who are using nets must implement turtle exclusion devices so that turtles do not die as a result of being caught as bycatch.
  • all time high turtle nest count

    In 1998, about 60,000 turtle nests were counted. This is the highest that has been recorded in the survey of florida beaches between 1989 and 2005
  • about 35,000 turtle nests in florida

    In 2005, only about 35,000 turtle nests were counted. This is astonishingly low as compared to the all time high of 60,000 just 7 years prior in 1998.