First nations

Treaty 6

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    Creation of Treaties

    Indians inhabited the land which would soon be the north-west part of Ontario, southern Manitoba, and southern Saskatchewan. Many of them suffered smallpox, and the biggest supplier of food, clothing, and more was slowly disappearing: the buffalo. So they proposed to create 11 treaties, with treaties 4, 5, 6 ,8, and 10 being the ones that affected Saskatchewan.
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    Signing at Fort Carlton

    Treaty 6 is signed over a span of 5 days. The treaty covers:
    -One square mile of land per family of five
    -A kind of allowance every year with rates at $25 per Chief, $15 per headman and $5 for all other band members, and a one time present of $12 for each member of the band who agreed to the Treaty
    - A clause that states if the First Nations dive into starvation again, the Europeans will be obliged to help
    Fort Carlton is located approximately 65 kilometers north of Saskatoon.
    -And more!
  • Fort Pitt Signing

    Fort Pitt is located near a large bend in the South Saskatchewan river near the Saskatchewan-Alberta border.
  • Fort Pitt Signing (2)

    Some more First Nations and Europeans sign the treaty.
  • Signing at Blackfoot Crossing

    Blackfoot Crossing is located in what is now the Siksika 146 Indian Reserve today.
  • Battleford Signing

    The treaty is signed in Battleford, Saskatchewan.
  • Signing by Michel Band

    The Michel Band, another group of First Nations, signs the treaty near Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Fort Walsh Signing

    Fort Walsh is located inside the town of Maple Creek
  • Fort Walsh Signing (2)

    Even more signatures are added to the treaty.
  • Montreal Lake Signing

    Montreal Lake is located to the northeast of the Prince Albert national park.
  • Colomb Band Signing

    The band of First Nations called Colomb adds their signatures to the treaty.
  • Rocky Mountain House Signings

    Rocky Mountain house is located just west of Red Deer, Alberta. It was an adhesion signing, meaning that they have to stick to it or face major consequences.
  • Rocky Mountain House Signings (2)

    More signatures are added to the treaty.
  • Witchekan Lake Signing

    Witchekan is quite southwest of Prince Albert Provincial Park, about the distance from Prince Albert to Christopher Lake.
  • Cochin Signngs

    Cochin is south of the Battlefords Provincial Park.
  • Cochin Signings (2)

    Even MORE signatures are added to the treaty.