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    link By the late 1920s, the automobile had firmly established itself as the newest and most popular method of road transport.
  • Mass transportation

    more infoIn the 1920's, trains and ocean liners were the dominant mass transportation methods
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  • Air transportation

    Air travel, though still in its infancy, captured America’s imagination during the 1920s.
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  • Sea Transportation

    1920's travel The main method of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the 1920s was by steamship and ocean liner. People were meeting overseas people like tourists.
  • 1920's transportation

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  • air transportation

    air transportation
    air transportation
    The City of Philadelphia officially entered the field of air transportation in 1925 when it provided 125 acres of land for training aviators of the Pennsylvania National Guard.
  • biggest motoring events

    automobiles One of the biggest motoring events of 1927 was the release of the "new Ford", the Model A, which replaced the long-standing Model T after 18 years of production.