transformation of system

  • oldest game in the world

    the oldest game in the world
    they use that game to make more games and how they can improve
  • sony console

    the very first sony consle was a big hit for sony
  • first mario game

    the very first mario game
    the mario game also was a big hit the first time he showed up
  • playstion 2 console

    the ps2 was also a big hit becuse it had more games
  • playstion remote

    the plastion remote is a remote that you were able to control your playstion wwhen your were wacthing a movie
  • sparyo the dagran

    this game was one of top faorite in the gaming world
  • playstion 3

    when this sysetm came out it was famous becuse of the wireless contrller and the games
  • first gta5

    it was the biggest hit in the store
  • advance warfer

    this game was a big hit becuse of the graphics and the guns
  • playstion 4 (new sysetem)

    this system was a relly big hit for sony becuse of the all the thing it could do