Trail of Tears Time Line

  • The Trail of Tears Began

    For most of the Cherokee.
  • Period: to

    Trail of Tears

  • 13 conigents of Cherokee begin to cross the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois

  • One of the conigents camps by what is now known as Trail of Trears Park

  • First overland conigents arrive at Fort Gibson

  • Last group reaches Oklahoma

    More than 3,000 Cherokee die on Trail of Tears. 1,600 die in sockades, 1,600 en route. 800 more die in Oklahoma.
  • Cherokee build homes, clear land, and try to rebuild their nation

  • Some of the Western Cherokee start to invite some new arrivals that meet to establish a new united Cherokee government

  • The Cherokee Act of Union brings the Eastern and Western Cherokee nations together

  • A man named Stand Watie pledged to take revenge of deaths of the party leaders.

  • A Cherokee constitution adopted. Tanleqah established as the capitol of the Cherokee Nation