Toys Of A Baby

  • Period: to

    One Year

  • First Toys

    First Toys
    You can play games with toys or objects the baby can grasp
  • More Toys

    More Toys
    Start to place colorful toys where the baby can regnize and reach them
  • Colors!

    Name the colors of the toys as the baby chooses one to play with.
  • Nosies!

    Start to make nosies with a rattle toys or other objects.
  • Baby Moves!

    Baby Moves!
    Gently shake, stretch, and exercise the babys arms n legs while laughing n smiling and taliking to the baby.
  • Peek-a-boo

    Start playing little games with your hands like peek-a-boo
  • Toys!

    Start to set ou toys so the baby has to crawl to them and to encourage them.
  • Books!

    Read to the baby from simple books that have big pictures.
  • More Toys!

    More Toys!
    Give babies platic bukets or other little containers so they can fill them up with snad or water and dump it out