Tourism in the 20th Century

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  • Urbanisation

    40% of the world's population is now urbanised, with 100 cities that have populations over 100,000 people
  • Radio

    Radio messages transmitted across the Atlantic Ocan
  • Thomas Cook

    Thomas Cook
    TC sends a group of employees to investigate the tourism potential of South Africa
  • Cars

    Henry Ford invented the Model T car
  • WWI

    World War I , introduction of passports, decline of railways due to cars
  • British Holiday and Travel Association

    British Holiday and Travel Association
    This organisation was established
  • Billy Butlin

    Billy Butlin
    He established the first holiday camp
  • WWII 1939 - 1945

    WWII 1939 - 1945
    Severe war in Europe & elsewhere
  • Holiday Package introduced

    Holiday Package introduced
    Vladimire Raitz was the creator
  • Car increase/railway decrease

    Car increase/railway decrease
    This era saw the increase in car ownership, with a decline in railways
  • Television

    TV first shown in South Africa
  • First jet airliner

    First jet airliner
    The first jet airliner, Boeing 707 was introduced
  • Decline in shipping

    Decline in shipping
    The 1960s saw a decline in shipping service due to commercial airlines.
  • Domestic travel increases

    Domestic travel increases
    Domestic tourism was 50% on trains, car ownership exceeds 1.1 million
  • Lisencing of tour operators

    Lisencing of tour operators
    During the 1970s we saw a change in terms of tour operators having to become licensed!
  • OPEC oil prices increases

    OPEC oil prices increases
    Oil prices increase, making flights more expensive
  • OPEC

    Another oil crisis
  • World Recession

    World Recession
    the world goes into economic crisis, resulting in a world recession
  • Lockerbie crash

    Lockerbie crash
    This airline crash scared the world regarding the safety of travelling by air.
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    This impacted more on the Middle East region than any other part.
  • Aisan financial crisis

    Aisan financial crisis
    Caused ripple effects on other economies!
  • Concord Crash

    Concord Crash
    The first of several crashes resulting in the demise of this air craft
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    tourism development in the 20th century