Shoe collection

Top Basketball shoes I own

  • Barkley

    Nike released this shoe for NBA star Charles Barkley
  • Electric Greens

    Electric Greens
    This was another style of the Nike Pro Foamposites on May 15, 2011.
  • Electric Blue's

    Electric Blue's
    Nike released This stlye of Foamposites onJuly 1,2011
  • Pines

    These Foamsposites released on September 2,2011
  • Miami Nights

    Miami Nights
    Lebron James released this shoe for the city of Miami in memory of the vivid nights on south beach.
  • Christmas Lebrons 9

    Christmas Lebrons 9
    Lebron James released this shoe on Christmas Day.
  • Nike Flight Ones

    Nike Flight Ones
    Nike released this basketball shoe on
  • Hornet Lebrons

    Hornet Lebrons
    Lebron released this shoe for easter.
  • Retro 10's

    Retro 10's
    Jordans Retro 10 Shoe released on January 21, 2012