Top 12 People/Events in ECE

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    Martin Luther-(1483-1546)

    Martin Luther-(1483-1546)
    He believed all children regardless of gender should be given an education and taught to read. He also advocated for a family and community connection for all children regarding their education. He is relevant today because we are still striving for a great family/community connection for children's learning.
  • John Amos Comenius-(1592-1670)

    John Amos Comenius-(1592-1670)
    He made the first picture book so children could learn everyday objects. He added in the sounds of the pictures to contribute to the modern phonetic system for reading. He believed children learned through sensory and should follow the natural progression of learning versus memorizing texts.
  • Friedrich Froebel-(1782-1852)

    Friedrich Froebel-(1782-1852)
    He believed in children learning through play. He is relevant today because he founded the first Kindergarten.
  • James Pillans-(1778-1864)

    James Pillans-(1778-1864)
    He invented the blackboard in 1801. Lead to school slates and eventually to pencil and paper for all students. He is relevant today since children and some teachers still use chalkboards.
  • John Dewey-(1859-1952)

    John Dewey-(1859-1952)
    His theory was that children learn through hands-on activities. He also thought that learning should originate from children’s interests, giving the foundation to today’s student-centered learning.
  • Mr. Rogers-(1968-2001)

    Mr. Rogers-(1968-2001)
    He helped children to make sense of their feelings. It is still relevant today because we celebrate "Mr. Roger's Day" which is also World Kindness Day. The sweet little tiger from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood is also the father on the animated show Daniel Tiger.
  • Sesame Street-(1969-present)

    Sesame Street-(1969-present)
    This show helped to bring education through entertainment to children in all areas. It is relevant today because children are still watching this show currently.
  • Reading Rainbow-(1983-2009)

    Reading Rainbow-(1983-2009)
    This show encouraged children to read for fun not just for school. It is still relevant today because the shows are available on Amazon Prime Video and Youtube. It is also being researched for a revamp to target today's generation of children.
  • Barney-(1992-2010)

    This show helped children learn how to share and all about caring for each other. It is still relevant today because children still sing the songs from the episodes.
  • The Magic School Bus-(1994-1997)(2017-present)

    The Magic School Bus-(1994-1997)(2017-present)
    This show is great at helping teach school-aged children new scientific vocab and clarify concepts for children who have trouble processing information in class. It is still available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The new version of the series The Magic School Bus Rides Again is still broadcasting(2017-present).
  • Dora the Explorer-(1999-2019)

    Dora the Explorer-(1999-2019)
    This shows helps children to develop new vocabulary while being entertaining. It is still relevant today because the show just ended this year in August. The shows are still available on Amazon Prime Video and youtube for children to watch.
  • Preschool for all-2013

    Preschool for all-2013
    Obama's initiative, Preschool for all worked to create high-quality preschool nationwide and promoted access to education for all children 4 and under. This is relevant today because we are still working on getting all children a quality education in the early years.