Top 10 Technological Advancements

Timeline created by adrihoran2
  • 1440

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    The Printing Press has changed the way we view printing. The inventor, Gutenberg, created an innovation that made printing available for everything and increased knowledge and literacy. Multiple books were printed with this invention.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    The Cotton Gin was one of the major advances in technology during the Industrial Revolution. It separated cotton fibers from seeds and increased productivity in all areas. Prior to this, people had to separate by hand the cotton and took several days to be done.
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph changed the way we communicate from far away. Originally, Samuel Morse created a Morse code as well to send signals that only certain people would know. Long-distance communication has never been the same.
  • Telephone

    The telegraph was not the only innovation that changed long distance communication. The telephone, patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, was also a major part in developing better and more efficient communication. It connected people worldwide everyday and continues to this day.
  • Television

    Since the invention, it has changed how we view televise news and tv shows. Prior to this, televising important announcements and speeches were nearly impossible. With the television being updated everyday, it has made life easier.
  • Radio

    Created by G. Marconi in 1895, it was one of the most important ways to communicate. It made saying an announcement easier and made news and music better and more efficient.
  • Internet

    Commonly called the World Wide Web, Tim Burner-Lee, its creator, changed how we communicate and operate in the world. Nowadays, we can google anything unknown and has perpetual sites for us to use.
  • Smartphone

    Much like anything else, older inventions were updated. The smartphone, an upgraded version of the telephone, is unlike any phone. The first smartphone was called the Simon Personal Communicator, enacted in 1992, and an IPhone was created by Apple in the 2000s to upgrade that form of phone. Communication is key in anything one does and the smartphone helps get the messages across that are needed.
  • Self-driving cars

    Self-driving cars
    This innovation, created in 2008, has made an impact on how technologically based we can get. Self-driving cars makes life and driving less hectic and makes parking substantially easier.
  • Smartwatch

    Apple's invention, also called the Apple Watch, made technology even better than it was. Phones were being upgraded throughout the years and so were watches. Someone could use their watches for much more than time, which is incredible.