Toowoomba's History

By jgoug45
  • Allan Cunningham

    Allan Cunningham discovered the Darling Downs.
  • Patrick Leslie

    Patrick Leslie arrived in Australia
  • Sandy Creek

    Patrick Leslie arrived at the junction of Sandy Creek (later named) and the Condamine River.
  • The first head station

    The first head station was established by the Leslie brothers at Toolburra This was the first permanent pastoral settlement in present day QLD
  • Arthur Hodgson

    Arthur Hodgson and Gilbert Elliot made contact with the NSW government at Moreton Bay via a track through Cunningham’s Gap. They had ridden from their station, Etonvale (at Mt Rubieslaw)
  • Joe Archer,

    Joe Archer, the bullocky, and Gilbert Elliot, found that the Cunningham’s Gap road was far too steep for drays.
  • The Springs

    Thomas Alford came to the Darling Downs and established a store on the Leyburn Road leading west. Arthur Hodgson later assisted his move to establish his store at “The Springs”.
  • John Campbell

    John Campbell of Westbrook Station produced a magnificent crop of wheat. There were 26 stations on the downs.
  • Arthur Hodgen and Gilbert Elliot

    Arthur Hodgen and Gilbert Elliot grew wheat at Etonvale
  • William Handcock

    William Handcock set up a store at “ The Springs”
  • Toll Bar Road

    What was to be called the Toll Bar Road superseded the Flagstone Creek road.
  • Bull’s Head Inn

    The original Bull’s Head Inn was built
  • Mt Lofty foothills

    A bridle track along the Mt Lofty foothills came into use.
  • William Horton

    William Horton became the licensee of the Bull Head’s Inn.
  • J.C. Burnett

    J.C. Burnett surveyed the existing settlement at “The Springs’ (Drayton).