Tom Brokaw

  • Birthday

    Tom Brokaw was born in Webster, South Dakota
  • Period: to

    Tom Brokaw

  • Marriage

    He married Meredith Auld in 1962
  • Graduation

    He graduated with a B.A degree in political science from the University of South Dakota
  • White House

    White House
    NBC made him their white house correspondent to cover the watergate scandal.
  • Today Show

    Today Show
    He started hosting NBC's "Today Show"
  • NBC Nightly News

    NBC Nightly News
    He started co-anchoring from New York with Roger Mudd in Washington
  • 9:11

    Tom reported live all day until midnight following the attack.
  • Anthrax Attack

    Anthrax Attack
    Tom recieved a letter full of anthrax along with several other people following 9:11
  • Retirement

    NBC announced Tom's retirement from their nightly news segment.
  • Eulogy

    He delivered one of the eulogies for former president Ford
  • Stayed in Journalism

    Stayed in Journalism
    He became the NBC news analyst after he stopped being an anchor.
  • Reporting

    Broke into a newscast to announce the death of colleague Tim Russert
  • Filling In

    Filling In
    After his friend's death, tom took his place on Meet The Press.
  • Hosting

    Tom began hosting The Boys In The Hall, a baseball documentary, for
  • Now

    He continues his long reign in news as a sports news broadcaster