Tokugawa Empire in Japan

By wliu18
  • Nov 5, 1400

    Warring States

    During this period, the society was very unstable due to gangs in the town. Daimyo so would sent their samurai sword to stabilize the situation, which later leads to the rise of the military power.
  • Tokugawa Shogunate

    In 1693, Tokugawa Ieyasu took full power after the military general died and assumed the title shogun, the military ruler, and started the Tokugawa Empire of 250 years
  • Population Increased

    It was very stable during this period. There were no wars, which allowed farmers to farm and brought prosperity to the region. Population grew from 10 million in 1550 to 16 million in 1600 and 30 million in 1700
  • No Trade with Russia

    In 1697 when Russians sought to open relations with Japan, Japan chose to contact Russia through the Northern buffer zone. As the Russians tried harder to close up with Japan, Japan went over and conquered Ezo (nowadays Hokaido, which is north of the main island of Japan) and this closed up any chances of Russian contacts.
  • Tokugawa Empire Ended