Tobacco Timeline

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  • 6000 BCE

    6,000 BC

    6,000 BC
    It is believed that this is when tobacco began to grow in America.
  • 1 BCE

    1 BC

    This is when tobacco began to be used in many different ways including religious and medicinal ways.
  • 1571


    A Spanish doctor named Nicolas Monardes wrote a book that claimed tobacco cured 36 health problems.
  • 1600's

    tobacco was commonly used as a form of money.
  • 1826

    nicotine was discovered and soon after it was discovered it was named a dangerous poison
  • 1900's

    cigarettes were a major tobacco product made and sold.
  • 1914-1918

    cigarettes use skyrocketed suffering world war 1.
  • 1953

    A doctor’s study showed that putting tar from cigarettes on the backs of mice causes tumors.
  • 1982

    a surgeon reported that secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer and many other health problems
  • 1990

    smoking is banned on all flights except to Alaska and Hawaii.