TKAM-Civil Rights

  • Period: to

    Legal Segregation in Alabama, inspite of Am 14

  • Tom Robinson accused

  • Period: to

    TKAM Story Line

  • Dill arrives for the summer in Maycomb

  • Supreme Court Case, Powell v. Alabama, "Scottsboro Boys" granted new trial

  • FDR's inaug. address

  • Scout is 6 years old

  • Scottsboro Patterson found guilty two more times after repeals

  • Period: to

    Tom Robinson case begins, and ends. Tom Robinson dies.

  • Jem begins reading for Mrs. Dubose

  • Protests for Scottsboro Trial judgements

  • Jesse Owens first Black American Olympian to compete in Germany

  • Truman's Executive Order for equality

  • Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka KS

  • Rosa Parks

  • To Kill a Mockingbird published

  • Dr. King's speech to over 200K in Washington

  • Civil Rights Act signed

  • Volunteers for Civil Rights Movement murdered in Mississippi